Natural LDer

[color=red]textI’ve just arrive (by the way :“Hello everybody”)
I am a french Lucid dreamer

But the weird thing is that I’ve been looking a lot of thema in the forum, [/color]
and didn’t notice about people who get naturally lucid dream!

I do :content: since maybe about 8, but I only recently realize that it is not “normal”!

Am I the youngest LD starter ?

(Now i am 17)

Waiting for your response and your first experience or natural LDer !

Everyone can get lucid dreams naturally and no your not the youngest one.

We, being Human beings and all, or at least I think we’re all Human beings, have brains that are naturally capable of dreaming and Lucid Dreaming. I can’t see how anybody can’t be a natural at LDing–if you don’t invest much time into LDing, then of course you’re not going to appear as “natural” as others at lucid dreaming, but it’s still there for the individual to become just as good as any other dreamer. In fact, it doesn’t matter what age you are, if you’re able to understand the way of dreams and come to some sort of terms with yourself that you are in a dream and you are in control, I think anybody can become a “natural” at mastering their own dreams even if they’re at an age where one may be “set” in their ways of thinking. You can be set on thinking that dreams don’t exist, but if one were to just spend a little bit of time expanding on the possibility–the door opens to them!!

Lucid Dreaming is for ALL AGES :content:

And Smiffy’s right–you’re not the youngest to start LDing :tongue: there’s bound to be others who started lucid dreaming at six or five or four–but then again, I really don’t think age should be used as a determinant for who is and who is not a natural LDer. We ALL are natural dreamers, just that not everyone invests as much time as others in learning to lucid dream or dream at all–and so the natural ability to dream may not show :tongue:

Righto! Who’s up for tea and sandwiches? :content:

i can LD and i am 12.Your lucky it comes natral.So are you sure it is natral or wat do you do every night.i did it younger than 8 so you are definetly not the youngest.

What exactly is a natural lucid dreamer?

-One that have LD all the time?
-One that mange to have LDs without hearing abut it first?

People who have LD’s without using any particular techniques such as WILD, RCs etc. It just happens to them. Some may have them every night, others less frequently.

:bounce: I think it’s safe to say we’re all human and that our brains are all equally capable in lucid dreaming :tongue: No reason for anyone to never be able to dream every night or dream successfully.

If we’re going to help others in their quest for lucid dreaming… I don’t think classification of dreamers is going to help them <_<’ especially when confidence is one factor that helps dreamers in succeeding in dreaming.
C’mon peeps! Aren’t we supposed to be here to share our experiences in dreaming to further develop and help ourselves as wells as others in their quest for lucid dreams? :content: Share the love, peeps!

That’d be me. Not every night though, and (as i’ve already stated) They only ever last about a second.

yeah i had some…im 16

I don’t think this is a good definition. I certainly do not consider myself natural LDer, yet increasingly I become lucid in my dreams without any induction method (I never used one) or even doing a reality check.


I know it isn’t the perfect definition, but it’s very unclear what people exactly mean with ‘natural lucid dreamer’. I don’t think there is an universal definition, it somewhat depends on the forums you visit etc.

Then I am one too.
Sometimes. :yes:

I was telling my friend about ld and he was like what you can’t do that? He said that he just usually has sex with chicks lol

Most of them on the Inet are fakes, they want to be like a LD-master, no way.
Natural LD’ing is very easy if you are about 5-6years old, because you can control ND’s better than at full age (Not controlling like in an ND, i mean waking up yourself in an ND)

Are you suggesting I’m a fake? :razz:

It’s possible that all people once knew how to LD once upon a time. It’s possible that after learning all sorts of different knowledge and have reality bred into them, they forget. Maybe the natural LDers are those who never forgot or remembered how to naturally LD again…

I feel like I’m recounting Peter Pan or something… :colgate:

I’m a natural LDer ever since 4? or even before? I don’t quite recall. A first experience? I just know when I was 6 I told an auditorium of kids that I knew how to fly, its like swimming. Lol, I was so surprised when I couldn’t do it in RL. I also had a dream room with a tv where I can change that channel to whatever I was thinking and enter that new dimension. That room was great until it ate my dream friend.

I don’t think you’re the youngest. i had mine naturally about age 5…

I have naturally lucid dreamt ever since I can remember.

I feel so lucky when I hear about people who can’t or spend loads of money on apparent ‘guarrentee’ machines that make you vividly lucid dream.