naturals and mild?

Hi, :hurray: i have been practicing wbtb and wild before and have had several lucid dreams, but its tiring to sleep only 4-5 hours then do wild :cry: . so i quit… then i stumbled on to this forum again and decided to give it another try. but i want to try something else now, i have been reading about the mild technique and naturals who say they dream lucid almost every night and remember their dreams very clearly, so my question is it possible to train my dream recall and awareness so i don’t have to do wbtb first? just sleep “regularly” but dream lucid. or do i have to wait to get deep sleep “out of the way” first? :help:

Well, the options are two: either you are willing to become lucid right on the first REM phases, or just during the latests, like a WBTB does. In the first case, if you want to wake up in the morning, you’d have to possess a dream recall that spans several hours of REM (and non-REM) to remember it.In the last case, meh, the intent tends to be forgotten after so many hours of mind wandering (that is, during non-lucid sleep), so the chances are quite slimmer than a WBTB.
Besides, a WBTB can consist just of waking up briefly, writing down your dreams, thinking of an induction tech/motivation, and going back to sleep, total 15 mins. For a practiced WBTB, this becomes part of the daily routine, and it does also help with making sleep more refreshing, since one manages to witness more closely how long the night really is ^^

okay… then it is possible, if i work hard on my dream recall? yes i know WBTB has higher success rate. but its not an option :razz: I tried it for a long period and it works fine but i don’t want to use it. im currently training my dream recall so i can remember most of my dreams, then use MILD during the day to get lucid at night. and then write down my dreams when i wake up… naturally (btw i did get lucid this night with MILD :smile: but it was in the morning so i guess it was wbtb+mild )

Well, don’t mind me, I call a WBTB any case in which you wake up in the middle of the sleep phase :tongue: so yeah, that would be a WBTB + MILD, and btw congratulations :content:
So, if you take the time to wake up and write down your dreams, you can MILD pretty much anytime (as opposed to remembering the whole of your dreams in one session , which is quite the big task).

DILD it is! :grin: seems perfect, now all i have to do i remember my dreams :cool: