Nature's alarm clock

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Ocasionally when I set my alarm clock for a certain time, I find that I wake up very naturally just before that time. It has happened for me with different alarm clocks and at different times of the day. It often seems to happen when I need to get up at a specific or special time.

Has anyone else ever experienced this effect? Memebers of my family say that it has also happened to them. My dad thinks it is because of electrical signals given out by the alarm just before it goes off, which affect the brain. I think it is just a mental effect of some kind.

It would be great if I could set my “natural alarm clock” at will! :cool_laugh:

Yeah, This happens to me too. I regularly set my clock to about 6:50 am for school and I tend to wake up just before that. But it only happens when It’s a school week and I set the alarm. During the holidays, I’d sleep through a nuclear war. >.>

This post mentions the same phenomenon: … highlight=

yeah, it is indeed weird… Even more amazing, this does work without an alarm clock at all, if you tell yourself before going to bed that you should wake up at a certain time, you usually do!

Sometimes I have this at night in a way you described, but mostly this happens to me by day. A few years ago I made a paper for school about the number phi, or the Golden Ratio as it was named by the ancient Greek. That number is 1.618… I was pretty amazed by the beauty and the depth of this number.
After I made the paper, it happened very frequently (too much to be coincidence) that I check my watch or look at a clock and notice that it’s actually 16h18. A few months ago I even had this about two times a week, and I never think about it before it happens. It’s pretty strange but I think this is the same mechanism as your natural alarm clock.

Could this be something to do with the old pineal gland/third eye?
I know that the third eye is used to detect seasonal change… perhaps it has other uses?

I tend to look at the clock a lot at certain times. The frequency of it happening fluctuates, but sometimes it’ll happen so often I’ll do it consistently at the same time for a week. The most common time is 11:11. I saw it today as the time a post was made (don’t remember which one it was, I could probably find it again if I looked). There was a point in which I would look at the clock at 11:11 P.M. every single night. This went on for a long time (about a week, maybe a bit more). Some of the other times are 9:11 (second place for frequency), 10:11, and 11:10. I have no idea why.

OK, now this was weird.
Last night I tried to set my natural alarm clock for 8am. I actually went through the process of setting my alarm clock to 8am, and did some appropriate affirmations. Then just as I got into bed I flicked the alarm clock switch into the “off” position.
I woke up at 6.40am, which was almost exactly SIX hours after I had gone to bed. I had fantastic recall of a long dream, which I wrote down and then went back to bed. The next time I woke up was at 10.20.

So, I couldn’t set my natural alarm clock consciously, but my subconscious seemd to realise that 6 hours after going to sleep was a good time to wake up. Like I say, weird. :bored:

Many people give that example when learning lucid dreaming.Same mechanism responsibile for you waking up seconds before the alarm may be used here.We usually have an intention to to wake up certain time -note the features of this intention-its present “in the back of the head”,not naggy,not too strong not too weak.Its just there,sits comfortably-ive heard many opinions from experienced lders that similar intention is good towards lucid dreaming.
Similar thing happens when we go for a trip with a friends next day.We go to sleep excited,happy and expecting good things to come.
good luck:)

This only happens to me when I’ve been waking up at the same time every day for awhile. IF I were to change the time my alarm clock goes off, I would most likely wake up the same time I had been every day before that (unless I set it earlier, in which case the alarm clock would wake me up).

Yes, I have to get up very early every day but even when I go to bed too late I will usually wake up a few minutes before my alarm clock goes off. Just another proof we have a beautiful biorythm mechanism inside of us that is synchronized with the 24h-day-and night-cyclus outside.