ND Challenge 4

ND Challenge 4: Taskmasters: MagykKatte and Ysim

…Name…Dream Journal…Personal Goal

[left]1. Eilatan :woah: | Going out your front door. | Find Loki
2. CrazyPsychoLoverly | Psycho’s Dream Journal:) | Have a character I made show up in a dream
3. Fate | The green book | Look at the moon.
4. Mew151 | Mew151’s dreams: Awesomeness | Have a nightmare :ebil:
5. GHOSTIE11 :smile: | Searching for truth 5 | Take a bath in a lake
6. BlackKettle | BK’s Library of Dreams | Become a superhero
7. Magnificus :cthulhuy:| The Magnificent Dream Journal of Magnificus | Cross a lake of lava
8. fennecgirl | Tales from Fennecgirl’s Bizarre Mind | Play the Song of Storms and make it actually rain
9. Scipio Xaos | SX Dream Journal | Find the Lucid Switch

There. One step closer. :tongue: Gonna have the same personal challenge as the Ld Challenge. If I get it either way, I’ll be happy. :happy:

Ahh I suppose it could be a small game. I’ll get in touch with Ysim and try to send out PM’s hopefully tomorrow, but if not then the day after.

Sent! Sign up if you wish to play. I’m super excited and hope you are too :smile:

Just to let others know, I have confirmed :tongue:

6 out of 8 confirmations as of now. Remember, you must confirm by August 15, 10:00 pm, GMT! As a reminder, note in your dream journal where the challenge begins. Also, please post in this topic if you feel you have completed your goal or the task. It’ll make it easier for Ysim and I. :tongue: Best of luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor… :peek:

Considering the consistency of my latest entries in my DJ, the odds definitely aren’t in my favor. :tongue:

I’ll take spot number 10.

moogle’s Quest Part 24

Due to all my boring dreams, my personal challenge is do something FUN in the dream.

Alrighty moogle, welcome aboard!

SPOILER - Click to view

I responded to your mention in chat, moments after you left. So, I was about to PM you, but you beat me to it :tongue:

Well it’s an hour to deadline but I’ll start the game now. Welcome to the ND Challenge 4!!! I will be your co-host this game, along with Ysim. The goal of this is to improve dream recall and clarity, and of course, dream incubation. Points will be as in the first post. Now, our contestants…

  1. Fate
  2. Mew151
  3. fennecgirl
  4. Scipio Xaos
  5. Eilatan
  6. GHOSTIE11
  7. moogle

And our first challenge, which will last for one week…

[color=blue]Dream of Aliens![/color]

Aliens. They’re all over movies, television, reality shows, and science fiction today. Your task is simply to dream about them. How, you may ask? Well, catch up on your Doctor Who, read some stories on the internet, watch your favorite alien movie (Alien, Independence Day, Avatar, District 9, E.T., Close Encounters etc.). Best of luck!

Extra reminder, mark in your DJ where the challenge begins and post in this topic if you complete any tasks or goals.

Let’s only hope my recall will skyrocket now. Good luck to everyone else as well! :smile:

:grin: I can’t wait to start.


Umm. Does this confirm thing mean noone can join now? What about those who didn’t confirm? Usually they still post in their DJ for this

Aw man, I’m sorry I was late in confirming :sad: I was busy and since this thread hadn’t been updated in a while it didn’t cross my mind to check it for updates regularly. Hopefully I’m not too late…

I don’t think you’re late, it just started. :razz:

And let’s hope all our recall increases now we’re back in this challenge!

I had a dream where I was talking about a non-existent alien movie. Not sure if that counts :razz:

I’ll type up the dream later. :smile:

Last night, I recalled three NDs and one LD. 45 points for me!

I swear, my recall’s not usually THIS good… o.O

I just saw this in recent posts. Is there any chance I can still join? I usually just wrote down my dreams so I’d have to make a journal here.

No, it’s perfectly fine, you can still join. BlackKettle and Paulicus are now added to the game :smile:

EDIT: Just send me your dream journal name and personal goal, Paulicus

Here’s an LD (mostly ND, but ends with an LD).

NOTE: Don’t count the entry titled “Ice Tea! - August 14, 2012” for obvious reasons. :tongue:

I slept too much. I had 1 ND tonight, that I remember. It had to do with my family getting a new stove and oven, and a mini fridge. And my dad found a blender and our old milkshake maker (I think he found the blender somewhere not legal), and my sister had made a bunch of ice cream cones and set them in the fridges. Though I picked up the largest to look at it and couldn’t put it back down in the fridge perfectly on the railing. My sister came and got mad at me because it was for her friend, so she took it and put it back. It was chocolate with oreo pieces in it. :content: