ND , FLD or LD ?

Hello, I think that I had my first LD today… I was sleeping for about 7 hours without waking up(I think so at least because I remember 2 more ND I had before this the same night) anyway at the third dream the scene started as me in the town near the sea… and since the beginning of the dream from the first moment I just new that it was a dream, I didnt make reality check neither I asked my self “is that a dream? am I dreaming?” It was just a fact that im dreaming but also very logical I didnt get excited at all, anyway I decided to fly up from the sea(I had total control of my self) and as I was flying I saw some delphins diving and as I was watching them they was in slow motion and it was amazing,(at some parts that i think that I wouldn’t make it, I was starting to lose height but then I was saying to my self “Its ok you can do it” and was continue flying. After I decided to leave from sea and fly at the town, there I saw my class(students and teacher) having a lesson of Principles of Economic Theory and the teacher told me to sit too( i remember two numbers 99% and 22%) then I saw another teacher and she asked me how can I sleep at desk that its so uncomfortable(some times in class in boring lessons I lay on deck and taking some naps :razz:) and I told her “but even now im sleeping, all this is a dream” then she ask very confused “what is it???” I said “its a dream” then her face start to change and the dream fade out and I open my eyes in SP at bed( the dream faded so fast that I didnt have time to spin even if I though of it, i mean within 2 seconds).
It wasn’t so vivid and it was a logical fact to me that it was a dream and I didnt doubt or make any RC… what you think it was a ND , FLD or my first LD ??

Sounds like a LD to me, congrats! You don’t necessarily need to do a RC or suddenly realize with a shock that you’re dreaming, sometimes it just kinda occures to you that it’s a dream. The parts where you tell yourself that you are able to fly and tell the DC that you’re dreaming also sound like a real LD rather than a FLD. Wish you many more LD’s! :content:

Cool, thanks but I had some much more vivid ND than this LD weird eh ^^

Vividness of dreams (both NDs and LDs) can vary a lot, and so can your dream control. Practicing DR and LL are good ways to have vivid dreams, and remember that you can make your LDs more realistic and clear by doing things like RCs, rubbing your hands, and just overall by keeping/making contact with the dream world (touching stuff works best for me in dreams).

what exactly LL is? I didnt get it

You replicate the state of mind you experience when you are in a LD during your waking life. You keep a high level of awareness up. The goal here is to notice details that you would probably dismiss otherwise. You observe your own train of thoughts and your surroundings, maybe you will even notice something that seems odd and provides you with a good reason to perform a RC? By doing this, you will eventually be more aware during your dreams as well and are more likely to notice oddities and other things that indicate that you are dreaming. :smile: I hope I summed it up well, but there are a good bunch of threads about LL around which might give you a better idea of what LL is.