ND into LD?

Probably a dumb question but, is it possible every night for a ND to turn into a LD if you’ve trained your mind well enough to notice inconsistencies and become lucid?.

I always thought that if you use the dream mask, you could acheive lucidity every night if you’re good at noticing flashing lights. (Then doing a RC)

Yes it´s called DILD ( dream–initiated–lucid–dream ). When you see a dreamsign or something impossible for a real life situation you make a RC and notice you are dreaming and get lucid.

I have no experience with a NovaDreamer or something like that but I think it´s possible to get lucid with it ever night as long as you notice the flashlights and interpreted it right.

of Course you can go from a ND to a LD thats how i’ve had both my LD sometimes you don’t evn have to do a RC depending what kind of situation you are in in the dream.

Given a select period of time it is possible to remain a consistancy of about 1 ld every day

But it would be tough

for a DILD, you simply have to train your mind to perform what’s known as a reality check (RC).

A reality check is, bizzarely enough, a check that you do to test the reality of the situation. If you pass the check, you may be awake (I say may be because it is completely possible for your mind in a dream to behave exactly how it would when awake). But if it fails then you are most certainly in a dream.

What kinds of things can we test?, well there are a lot but some are less reliable than others…a couple of the most reliable ones are reading text and telling time…because the mind doesn’t cope too well with these two things in dreams you can perform these test as a measure of the reality:

  1. Reading text - look at a piece of text, look away, then look back again. If the text has changed, or if it consists of random symbols, or even symbols that move as you watch…you are dreaming.

  2. Telling time - look at a clock, look away and then look back again, if the time has changed significantly (i.e. if you look away for a few seconds and the clock has moved 5 mins) then you are dreaming.

So now that you have the checks, when do you perform them?. Well, the answer is, when doing something you do a lot of through the day. The idea is to associate performing an RC when doing a specific action, say, going to the toilet…so throughout the day, whenever you go to the toilet, perform an RC. If you do this enough then sometime, in your dream, you’ll visit the little boys room and perform an RC, and it will fail :smile:

Another thing to do is to keep a Dream Journal (DJ) where you write your dreams each day, look through it and find any common themes in your dreams and associate them with doing an RC…for example, if you dream a lot about your parents then whenever you see your parents, perform an RC…the theory is that if it’s a common theme in your dreams, you’ll get more chances to RC.

I hope this helped :smile:

You can have tons of DILD´s, or other LD´s, every nights. :woo: