NDE like nudge back to Lucid Dreaming

This one requires a bit of explanation. I’ve had some difficult things going on in my life. And I’ve been working with a therapist. Which has been helpful. I came to realize that leaving behind a lot of my spiritual pursuits, lucid dreaming and so forth in favor of perfectionism and affirmations related to my professional work has made me nothing but miserable. That revelation alone led to this beautiful experience. I don’t personally distinguish between LD/OOBE/AP. But this had a hint of near death experience to it, as per my understanding they are dominated by 3 things (life review OR surrounded by love/acceptance OR a feeling a being “home”). I see a lot of symbolism in this one.

Another off the cuff LD. But this one was very special.

Temple (DILD)

I’m on a relatively tall building. And I decide to jump off while still facing the building. I begin to free fall in a very normal way. But as I get closer to the ground, I realize I don’t want to hit it too hard. So I mentally slow my descent and gently touch down, safely onto the grass below. This sequence makes me realize I’m dreaming. I look around. In the direction opposite the very Earthly modern day looking building, is a much more exotic building. It appear to be a castle or temple of some kind. I begin to walk in that direction.

As I get closer, I am enthralled by the beauty of this structure. It’s not at all what you would find on Earth. from an architectural perspective. At least as far as I know. It’s maybe 10 stories tall. Greyish stone walls. and it’s wider at the base and tapers to a less wide condition as you go up. I realize there is a beautiful blue stream between the Earthly side of my dreamscene and the more exotic scene before me. So I run and leap and take flight. Easily pulling myself closer and closer to this Temple like building.

I cross the river and now have a much better view. The building has exquisite grounds. Many different types of manicured bushes, grasses, flowers, all different sorts of textures and colors. From my vantage point of 5-6 stories in the air I also realize the building has natural bump outs that form additional side gardens bumping out from the sides at various points along the main Temple. I enjoy the scene some amount of time further. It’s beauty and warmth. But eventually lose the scene.

********** NOTES **************

I believe one side of the scene represents the Earthly plane. And one side the more ethereal plane. There’s been a lot of disruption in my life, some of which has been very impacting to me. And among other things, I realize that I need to re-engage with my lucid dreaming practices. The Temple, simply put, represents “Home”.