NDE through dreams

NDE experiences and Lucid Dreams
I had a dream September 14, 2011 that changed the way I perceived reality. I call it the “clear light dream.” What it was was…the experience of perceiving from the perspective of light. Light is clarity, clarity is truth, truth is Love. The light in the dream was the same light people claim to see when they die.
I enjoy listening to NDE’s because I have experienced what people come back to talk about. The experience seems to be the same but I did not have to come close to death to experience it. However shortly before this dream I was meditating holding my breath thinking of what it must feel like to die. To not be able to take the next breath. It felt like a very thin line that was connecting me to my physical body.
I would like to connect with others who have experienced this.

@Lidybug I’ve not had true NDE, although I have ‘died’ in many of my dreams. I do remember one was a little different, although that’s not what I started this reply to talk about -but I’ll put that in this spoiler just in case it’s of any interest:

TW: Gore
  • Excerpt from April 27, 2015 [[ND]]

There are two people with me when I walk out my back door onto the porch. I stand in the middle between my two friends.
Suddenly, we are attacked. It all happens quickly. One moment, we are all standing there, the next, an odd stake comes flying through the air and spears one of my friends through chest at an unimaginable speed. I am horrified and upset, but I don’t have time to react before the person on my left goes down in a similar fashion. Trying to identify the source of the attack, I look forward in the direction the stakes had come from.

I don’t have the time to avoid the stake that is flying at me.
It hits me in the chest and continues through my body, pinning me to the porch beside my friends. The pain is intense and acute, but it is soon replaced with a numbness that begins to radiate through my body and petrify my limbs. The numbness begins to calm me, but I face instinctual panic as I realize that I’m dying while my body and the world fade away from my awareness.

All my strength and will go into pulling the stake from my chest. When I am able to remove it with great effort,the numbness retreats and I begin to come back to the world, but the pain returns. I manage to sit up after a while, confused and injured.
I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. I have trouble seeing if my attacker is nearby, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to linger too long and wait for them to show up…[[The dream continues in spite of the wound in my chest]]

I was more commenting to mention Craig Webb! He had a NDE which he describes in this episode of a podcast I listened to called Is this a Dream by Adam Cotton! It’s episode 6 and he describes his experience starting around 15:17; his NDE actually led to him becoming a lucid dreamer, so it felt relevant here.

Thank you Splash. I am downloading episode 6 now. Were you lucid at all during your dream? It would of been interesting to wait around for the attacker and ask why he is so angry.

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The entire podcast is a great listen and I highly recommend it for any lucid dreamer! Hope you enjoy that episode.

I was not lucid at all in that dream. Over time I have learned that the dreams from that era of my life were manifested from overwhelming stress and depression. I was pained and scared in WL, no surprise to see that reflected in my dreams.

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