Near death dreams...

Near death dreams, are the dreams people have a few weeks before they die. The dreams prepair them for death, I wonder what it would be like to become lucid in one.

Nice topic for a book Kavaa, or to do research on :smile:

Yeah would be cool to ask death a few questions in a LD right before your own death. A bit morbid perhaps, but fascinating. What would even be more fascinating is to become lucid at the exact moment when you’re dying in your sleep. Though I don’t know if “fascinating” is the correct word… perhaps it turns into a terrorizing nightmare… :bored:

Mystic i would find that very fascinating and interesting.
If i can i sure would go for that!

I dont think it would be a nightmare, I think it would be a beuatyfull expireance. It might be scarry at first untill you except the fact that you are really dying, and see it as just a part of life. I would love to try it hopefully when my time comes, Ill be a skilled lucid dreamer, and I can take advantage of my own death.

kavaa it only would be scaring if u fear death very strong already.
A very spiritual person would find it prob beautiful.
i would, and interesting also!

I would find it very beautiful. I had fear of death, but I had a lot of experiences that showed me that fears are just an illusion to help prevent us from doing something wrong or dangerous when in a dangerous/uncertain situation. It’s our normal thing to do… be afraid especially with the unknown areas.

If I could do it… I’d love to have it. :biggrin: And if I do have a LD about my death. I’ll be ok with it. I won’t think that it’s a nightmare. :smile:

Also it’d be a good topic to research on. I don’t recall anybody really research about that… including me. Maybe I’ll do that someday… sounds interesting to do so!

The only thing I really fear about death is just missing the things in life, or the fear that I havnt done all my chorse on this earth, but maybie that would be a good feeling to be letting go, and saying…“Wait Im not finished, just a little more time”. Its like being enterested in a movie, and wanting it to continue. You would leave the world with a passion for living, and life.

Yeah, that’s my fear too that I’d leave too soon and that my tasks aren’t finished. It’s my passion to live it out, helping other people. I just hope that I’ll be able to let it go and say, “Ok it’s my time.”

I guess we all will see. :wink:

I read a story of a woman on her Deathbed that told a nurse that she had a dream of a Candle on a Window Sill. The flame extinguished and the woman was surrounded in darkness. Then the flame re-ignited on the OTHER side of the Window.

The woman died later that evening.

Yeah…but your time is your time and it was all meant to happen that way. I’ve never felt comfortable on Earth…if that makes sense. I peronally cannot wait to go back home.

Not saying that I want to die at all. I’m naturally attached to this Life and want to live it out to its fullest. It’s only measly 80-100 years anyways…I have an Eternity waiting for me, so no rush! :cool_laugh:

I once got stabbed in my dream and I was laying on the ground feeling myself bleeding to death… and i was in someway relieved (same feeling when going to sleep after a long day) and after a little time i “Died” and saw only black and the black turned into white… then i woke up. It was very beatiful, nothing to be afraid of. And i still remember it very clearly.

bleeding to death would be a good way to go out.

This is very interesting. I have had these experiences that I was told they were near death dreams. But it did not pertain at all of actual death. It was a state of such deep sleep were you become lucid, when you normally would not. In delta sleep I believe. It was explained to me that it was a similar experience to that of which you would have opon death.
I have never heard of this explanation.
What explains the way one knows of their precognition of death?
Here was my experience. I have had three.
I am in a state which would normally be similar to sleep paralysis because I cannot move at all. In addition to that I am in a viod. There is no audio or visual stimuli either. Just me and my conciousness for what seemed to last approxamatly three minutes or so.

I wonder if you would have NDDs, if you didnt know you were going to die, like being in a car wreck or something.

I’m very “unspiritual” and I’m not afraid of death… This, however, does not mean I’m cold and do not find beauty in life!