nearly fell asleep in english today

It was cool. I think I nearly WILDed or something. I listened to people reading out of some play called “An Inspector Calls”. Pretty boring. :thud:

So anyway, I was falling asleep and I could feel myself going, then my mind kept going blank and I wondered where I was and couldn’t hear the people reading, but then I remembered what was going on and I regained my hearing. I suppose this was me nearly going unconscious then becoming conscious again. :cloud9:

This happened for a while and then suddenly I felt a falling sensation. Then I wasn’t ready and woke up with gusto. By that I mean I like, jerked up and looked around in a weird fashion. :neutral:

Well that was a good english lesson. Pretty near to WILD, I think, and proof that WILD is easier to achieve with a nap, if any of you needed it. Maybe… I’m finally learning to nap! :grin: :clap:

smilies can be funny…

An inspector calls is brilliant, trouble is that no matter what you read in class it will become boring because of the fact that you have to read it.

But yeah, WILDing is better!

it is good, but everyone reads it in such a boring fashion that it’s almost unbearable. Hence the sleeping and the WILDing. Well, sleeping and almost WILDing (I think). I like the way J.B Priestley used the world war 1 and the titanic in lines for that annoying guy… err, Arthur Berling. The way he says ther’ll never be a world war and we know there will be. Clever.

WILD > English

Their could be many factors that could of provoked it, If you didn’t get enough sleep for instance. But WILD during the day is good, probs the most vivid dreams too.

yeah, I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should be recently. I’ve been going to bed at like, 12:00 most days, although my parents constantly ask me and my sister to go to sleep. I just feel that days are going so fast and meaningless, I need to make it last as long
as possible. I’m snapping out of it now though, thank… erm, something.

That’s kinda happened to me in History class. Usually when ever we are just watchign a video with the lgihts off and evreything my head just starts to droop. I get that freaky falling sensation and I sometimes have to slap my self to stay awake so I don’t get in trouble.

Napping isn’t my problem–mine’s falling asleep in the evenings! And not getting enough sleep gives me migraines–luckily, I’ve had only two migraines from lack of sleep that I can remember… or was that one not from lack of sleep? Eh, I dunno.

ahh, migranes suck. My friend gets them sometimes… but I used to have trouble falling asleep in the evenings, that is until I got into the habit of going to bed at ridiculous times.

Now I can nap as well. But I’m sleepy all the time. LUCOZADE!

yeah i hate migraines too. 1 of them made me sick (literally). Being bored in a lesson is good way to get tired, I end up yawning a lot at school. Maybe we should get recordings of lessons to help us get to sleep or for WILDs lol.

ha ha! Good idea.

Congrats on nearly WILDing Li10. The more you try, the easier it should get :happy:

I vaguely remember our class reading “An Inspector Calls” at school too.

Do you find lucozade helps? I used to take some to work everyday, wanted to wake myself up in the mornings. But I didn’t notice much difference.

Lucozade, yeah, I feel all sort of restless and like I’m faster with everything. Like my brain is quicker! More energy!

Besides Lucozade Sport comes in cool little bottles and Lucozade (original) tastes awesome :grin:

i fell asleep in class once. jerked awake and fell out of my desk…

I haven’t been able to sleep for the past few days except for about thirty minutes a night… I tried napping the other day, but no success…

I blame a hypnosis mp3 I listened to on Monday… Grrr…

It’s as if I’ve forgotten how to sleep.