Nearly Painful Experience

I’m a noob when it comes to LD’s and i haven’t had one in the past year or so. I was working on a dreams site and was looking for info on the Internet, when i came across ld4all. I was very happy (thank you pasQuale for making the site and all other members for giving advice & stuff!) and tried having LD’s.

I can’t afford doing WBTB’s, because it’s very very difficult for me to get up in the morning, so i decided to go for MILD and WILD.

A few nights ago i tried a WILD. I saw images and felt that i was very close to enter dreaming state, so i focused on a gate and tried to open it. When i did this, however, i felt it was pulling my hand back, and simultaneously my other hand and my feet were being torn apart from my body. I woke up.

Was this an OOBE?

not sure if it was an OOBE but it sounds more like you were about to become lucid and jsut lost focus. its to bad that you cant WBTB considering it is probably the most effective thing you can do for LDing. try to do it on weekends if you can I gurantee if you WBTB and WILD you will have plenty of LD’s

Hi Zweisteine ! Welcome to LD4all !
So bad that you haven’t had a lot of answers. I couldn’t give you good advices, as I don’t masterize WILD at all. In my opinion, if you’re a WILD beginner, you have had very goods results in your first attempts. It seems you’re rather gifted in this technique.

It looks like the beginning of an OOBE. Next time you try, try to be more “soft”, don’t move your dream body too quick, try to feel the differents parts of your dream body first, and to move your consciousness softly into it.
I don’t know if my explanations are clear enough. Sorry ! :shy:

Hey there!

Thanks alot for your replies, Basilus and basicm!

I was just too excited, lol :smile:

I’ve had an LD, by the way, but i don’t think it was wake-induced. I talked about it on the chatroom. I was just walking on a road and i just looked at my hand and it had too many fingers. Then i flipped my arms and flied for a few meters, then i slipped back into a ND which i don’t remember anymore.