Need 3 questions answered for essay please

Hello I am a 17 year old sixth-form student and progressing lucid dreamer doing a EPQ on Lucid dreaming and its benefits in waking life.
To cut a long story short 'I would be very grateful of a few answers to 3 questions I have.

If you dont need any more persuading skip to question “1.” otherwise I would like to say that you helping me out is not only for me too pass my school thing but it is another article out there to get more people introduced to lucid dreaming.

Before you start could you type for how long you have been lucid dreaming.

  1. Could you or have you used the enhanced creative power of lucid dreaming for something in your life? eg
  2. Could you learn and/or practice a skill in dream?
    3.Could you overcome a fear/ get past something that is holding you back in life? eg a fear you have or loss of a loved one

Any replies would be of great help.
Thanks Olly

Firstly, WELCOME TO LD4all!!! :partying_face:
I hope you enjoy your time here.

(I already wrote out a long winded reply to this thread but when I tried posting it, the thread no longer existed, and it took my reply with it. that’ll teach me to write long replies without saving them as I go. :cry:
Anyway, I don’t have time to rewrite the whole thing (or maybe I can’t be bothered) so I will condense it. )

I have been LDing since childhood, back then I didn’t know it was a thing. I remember having dreams I couldn’t wake up from, they went on for what felt like days, so I began becoming aware I was dreaming, and after a while I figured out a few methods for waking up. If only I knew of all the things you can do in an LD back then.

Righto, Questions.

1.Yes. I have used LDs to create my own symbols, logos, stories, electrical circuits, programing code and other things.

  1. Yes. I know of a brain surgeon that would practice in LDs. Personally I have practiced my own medical procedures, Vertical Rescues, Marksmanship, and a bunch of other stuff. The main thing I practice would have to be the rescues and medical stuff. I work in the emergency services, so I need to be mentally prepared for anything I might see

  2. Yes, I personally have overcome several problems with LDs. I have struggled with memory problems for the last 4 years. It started when I woke up in hospital with no memory of who, or where, I was. since then I have struggled with facial recognition, memories, and emotions all of which I have been slowly regaining. I used an LD to help me learn how to differentiate people by their clothes, voice, smell (yeah i do that) , idiosyncrasies, and habits. I used an LD to begin to learn how to tell which of my memories are real and what ones are from dreams. I have also used LDs to experience different emotions, I lost a lot of my ability to feel emotion, but LDs have helped me regain some of that.
    I use LDs (and NDs) to visit people while I am away from them. I recently went on a 6 000 km trip around Western Australia, and had no contact with the “normal” world. I often go on these trips, and after a few weeks (or months) of not seeing or talking to the few people you trust, it can get difficult. I have learnt to summon my friends and family while in an LD, allowing me to go long periods of time without getting homesick.

Good luck with your essay, let me know if you would like to do an interview or anything, I would be happy to help.

Thanks a million DTDownUnder, your reply is gold for what I am going to use it for! The bit about emotion also interests me alot. Thanks for the offer of extra help and if I ever need extra help I will drop you a message.
Thanks again