Need a little help with transitioning during wild.

Hello all,
I realise there is very good wild tutorials on here that include transitioning but I’ve yet to find help for my problem.
Whilst I realise reaching sp/atonia is not the goal during wild I am able to reach a stage of intense vibrations and noises that resemble a jet plane taking off pretty easily, and I know at this point I’m passed the point in which my mind is usually asleep

My problem is that I don’t have any dream scenes in my head, I’ve never had hypnagogic imagery at all. So my question is how to transition using the vibrations and auditory hallucinations?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Hi, this change for each person.
When you are in that state you have to focus in visualize, if you cant, force it, but you have to be relax.
Other thing I realize is that you have to focus in your “dream eyes” not your “real eyes”

You can float out of your body once you reach sleep paralysis. There are different “tricks” for getting the hang of this, but once you realize how easy it is you just do it. You don’t really have to try. Just will it and it’ll happen. You shouldn’t think of sleep paralysis as a setback, but more like a useful tool.

Leave your body into your room. That is your dreamscape. Then you can teleport to whatever dreamscape you please.