Need a little help

Hey, the great thing is that I’ve started LDing, but I have a little problem. This is that once I get into a lucid dream I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried looking out my window and looking at the sky, flying, creating objects and that sort of thing, but that’s about it.

I tried going inside of my mirror today… I managed to get my hands through, but I was too scared to actually put my head through and when I tried I hit the glass with my head and nothing happened. It’s little things like that which are stopping me from exploring in my LD’s. I haven’t yet left my room. My room is the place I always appear in when I start LDing… I don’t know… I need some tips on what I should do in my LD’s and getting over certain fears.

I also want to have an LD outside my room next time. So, any advice on that would be great. I really want to explore more.

Hope that makes sense :tongue:

Thanks a heap. :content:

why do you always start out in your room?

Hehe, I often ask myself the same question. I was thinking that maybe it’s because it’s a place I feel most secure in. So, I start off there because I know nothing can harm me… but I’m not entirely sure :tongue:

maybe the reason your ahving troube leaving your room is because you feel tied to it because its a safe place…you coudl try several differant ways to leave you room

  1. go up to a door and tell yourself there will be another place on the other side
  2. try to apparate (if you’ve read the 6th Harry Potter book it actually gives you very good instruction on how to apparate)…if had something to do with three D’s but I dont think you need that to do it in an ld…if should be much easier…just close your eyes and say where you want to be when you open them
  3. you could simply fly but your said that didnt work for you if your original post

Great tips :content: I’ll try each of them and see which is the most effective in my next LD :smile:

Thanks so much. This will really allow me to do a lot more while I’m lucid :content:

A lot of LD’s begin in a room. It may be an imaginary room, so that I don’t think it’s because it’s the place we feel most secure in.
To explore your LD’s, the easiest would certainly be that you leave your room. Open the window and fly outside, or open the door. You can try to go through them too, or through a wall. Sometimes you can find a different lanscape than expected on the other side.

Quite likely - all your LD’s start in your room because that’s what yopu expect to happen. The same used to hapen to me.

Thanks so much for the advice.
I can’t wait to start exploring :content:

Quite likely - all your LD’s start in your room because that’s what yopu expect to happen. The same used to hapen to me.

I find that weird…lol. I usually am in an open space in my dreams :happy: I rarely go inside for some reason :confused: does anyone know why??

On the few occosians that I have had lucid dreams I have expreinced similar problems. In my first few I always got lucid in a pool. After realizing it was a dream I would either A. not have any ideas of what to do or B. not be able to do anything. There were a few later on where I made lighting come down from the sky and one where I flew. but most of the time, I cant do anythin.

I haven’t LD’d for the past few days so I haven’t been able to try going outside of my room. Infact, I’ve been waking up at least 3 times a night. One time I turned on my light in my sleep (This is significant as I used to do it almost every night as a child). Weird, huh? Anyways, last night I got a decent nights sleep so I’ll probably try to LD tonight again.

I’m really excited about trying to leave my room now :content: I just hope it works.

good luck :cool_laugh:

i havent really givin it my best effort either the past few nights, but school starts in 4 days so im really setting my mind on it the next few days

Thanks, good luck to you too :content:

Sorry about the quote above. I sent it at my boyfriends house and was on his account at the time without realising it.

Anyways, I managed, finally, to get outside of my room. It was fun! I can’t wait to try it again and do more stuff :content: I used the method of closing my eyes and picking a place and appearing there. It was the oddest feeling.

Thanks for the help everyone!