Need a way to wake up w/o alarm for WBTB + Need sleep advice

My current plan for dreamland domination involves waking up at set intervals during my sleep. It goes as follows.

  1. I set the saltcube timer to ring at 1:05, 2:05 and so on until 7:05.
  2. I go to sleep at midnight, fall asleep within a few minutes.
  3. Wake up on my own at 1:00, write down keywords from my recent dream, go set the timer to not ring until 2:05, then go record the dream in full detail. Could take anything from 2 to 25 minutes.
  4. Go to sleep, wake up at 2:00, repeat the same thing.
  5. Do this until 7:00.

Now, what I need is a technique to wake up on my own before the timer rings. The timer is bad for recall, as recall is much better if I wake up gently. I also have to get up to shut it off, which is the final blow to recall.

Also, has anyone tried anything similar? How’d it work out?

In the past I have wanted to wake up at a specific time because of wanting to do something. The time was too early to set any alarms, others wouldn’t appreciate it. :tongue: So I told myself a couple of times during that night I wanted to wake up at X o’clock and focused on why I wanted to do it a little. This technique has worked for me a couple of times, especially when I am really motivated to wake up at that time.

Have you ever heard of Autosuggestion?

What you do is tell your conscious with meaning to wake up a certain time. For example you want to wake up at 2:30 just tell yourself that you are going to wake up at that time and hopefully you will. If your confused just try searching auto suggestion on ld4all.

Yes I know about autosuggestion. Thing is, it doesn’t work if I just think of it lightly every now and then. I’ve tried going over the plan a few times before going to sleep, no good. I believe it’ll work if I think about it more strongly, but a technique to make it more effective would be welcome.

I think the biggest thing that had an influence for me was the incentive to wake up at that time. I could never use this to wake up for school/work, simply because I would much rather sleep :lol: Perhaps you could try planning to do something you really want to do in the time you will be awake. Maybe a favourite food or something. :shrug:

I can do AS really well!

Sorry, back to you.

What I used to do was drink a can of cola about an hour before going to bed. Because of the diuretic components in the caffeine, I wake up about five hours into sleep because I have to use the loo. I drink Diet Coke, and I think that actually works moreso because the artificial stuff is a diuretic, too. As long as the caffeine doesn’t keep you awake (I’m dependant and tolerant now, so I’m good). Anyway, hope that helps. A very natural, original way to wake up!

What I find works for me in regards to Autosuggestion is to set my alarm like normal, then make sure the last thought before I go to sleep is to wake up at that time.

Almost always I’ll wake up 5-10minutes before the alarm goes off, at whicih point I get up and flip it off before it buzzes. The annoying part of that was if I didn’t set the alarm I would never wake up at the desired time. Possibly I was waking up, but since I didn’t have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm I’d fall back asleep, then forget I woke up.

Anyways… for alternatives, a vibrating alarm clock may wake you up more gently than the harsh, loud buzzing you’re probably suffering from currently. There’s actually quite a few vibrating alarms available, as they’re a necessity for individuals with hearing problems.

If I sleep longer periods, I sometimes wake up during the night b/c my sleep is stretched more thinly and not as deep. And AS works very well too.