Need advice after first lucid dream

Hi guys Ive actually managed it after 5 weeks of trying, but it only lasted for about 10 seconds After unusually struggling to get to sleep for some time I was having some fittful sleep and I became lucid a good way into the dream. I was in a large mass of water,underground, swimming with all sorts of things and people. On becoming lucid I automatically started saying " IM DREAMING " to myself like Ive read that you should do and waded for about 10 metres or so and touched somebody on her face, this seemed quite strange because it didnt feel 100% real, but there was some realism there, after that I just woke up. Ive no idea what made me become lucid and was dissapointed that it was over before it started really. Ive been reality checking for 5 weeks now but still havent started a dream diary because I dont really remember that much of my dreams and theyre never that vivid so I wouldnt have anything meaningful to write down.
One thing that I have noticed though is that some of my most remembered dreams contain a large body of water,Ive been diving of of cliff faces into the sea, in a completely screwed up navy port and now this one from last night wich I can probably only describe as a scence from the Tomb Raider computer game. Does anyone have any idea what this may mean? Id love to hear what the most experienced guys have to say because I`m trying so hard to make this work.

I should also mention that I gave this a go last year for a while and had 2 other 10 second lucid parts to my dream and the same thing happened,I just woke up, I wasnt over-excited , I just dont know why it stopped.
Thanks for reading.

Firstly regarding the dream journal thingy. I can tell you from experience that if you start writting down whatever you remember from the night before including fragments of dreams, even so much as an image or color (or colour :-0 ), it will work wonders on your dream recall and you will find that you become lucid much more often when you recall your dreams. That make sense too, consider this, you lucid dream once per week, but only remember 1 dream per week, what are the chances that the dream you recall is the one you were lucid in… not good. But even if you still only LD once per week, but remember 5 dreams per week, your chances are 5x better. And the more you LD the better you get at it which means MORE LDs!

As per why you became lucid, underwater, at least for me is the only situation that ALWAYS triggers lucidity. Considering that you are underwater and still breathing always seems to sound an alarm or two. It is a forced reality check if you want to think of it as such.

For the waking up part, that will get better with time, my first LD, just like many other people’s, was just a few seconds long and ended when I realized that I was dreaming. But don’t worry, your second will be longer and the next even longer, until one day, you start dreaming for a full “dream day” or longer as some people here enjoy (Not me yet :frowning: ).

Keep it up.

Turlock, I agree with jcp219 that a dream journal is important. I kept one years ago, and my dream recal ability was amazing. I haven’t kept one in a while, and now my DR is just so-so. I’ve just recently started up again.

It’s ok if you don’t remember all of the dream, just write down what you remember… (ie…“I was walking down a tunnle looking for something” or “I remember a red jacket”) even if it’s the smallest little thing. practice makes perfect, the more you concentrate on remembering your dreams, the more you will be able to remember.

Sometimes I get so excited when I LD that I wake myself up too. It happens to everyone. Try actually telling yourself before you go to sleep “I will become lucid, and I will stay calm” so that if you do become lucid, you will remember to actually stay calm in your dream. Sometimes that works for me.

Other than RC’s, have you tried any other method?


I try to use affirmations sometimes but I just get distracted and keep myself awake. I started a dream journal last night and remembered quite a bit, will this make my dreams more vivid and realistic??. I can only remember about 3 dreams in my whole life that made me think wow that was so real when I woke up, none of them were lucid. I have recently read Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, and he says that doings energy raising work every day will make OBEs and LDs a lot more vivid.Does anyone else have anything to add on that??

Um, try stabilizing the dream if you’ve got 10 seconds. Rub your hands, or if you don’t have even the time for that, quickly grab something (I grab my arm and it is sufficient to keep me in the dream)

When you go lucid, try staying calm and focus on your breathing. These techniques have helped me overcome my problems with premature awakenings.

from my experience yes! definitely increases both vividness and recall

Agreed. Did wonders for me.