Need advice. how to get a lucid dream quickly

Ive been doing this 5 and a half days. but my dreams are dull and int he past I had vivid prophetic beautiful dreams and I would get lucid, wake up and then fall asleep and go straight into a different lucid dream the second I was back in the dream I still knew I was dreaming. And I would prioritize having fun staying in the lucid dream as long as possible over remembering them afterwards and writing them down. Reality checks never worked well but I am doing them every day, counting my fingers and asking myself if I am awake and one thing I do is imagine 5 things I would do if I was in a dream right now.

How long do you think it will take until I finally have lucid dreams again?

I don’t think anyone can really say. It differs so much from person to person—and within one person’s life, as you describe. It’s easier, I think, if you take an interest in all of your dreams as opposed to just the lucid ones; that way you have something to look forward to every night regardless of what happens. You end up doing nice things for LDing that way anyhow—keeping a steady dream journal, thinking about your dreams more while awake, etc. And I think a deep and intricate NLD can easily be more deeply moving than a low-quality LD tends to be.

If you keep using them for a few weeks and you feel like they’re not doing anything for you, you can also focus more on other techniques; different things work better for different people (although I think they all usually take some time before they bear fruit). For whatever reason, I’ve never had success with RCs or MILD, at least not that I could obviously attribute to using them—WILD is the only technique that’s worked for me with any kind of reliabilty. But other people have no success with WILD and get LDs from their RCs quite often. Other people don’t use any of those and have other ways. It can take a long time and a lot of experimentation to find the approach that’s right for you.

Okay, thanks! :slight_smile:

Sure thing! :blush: