Need advice on inducing false awakenings and learing to fly

Hi. A few nights ago I had a false awakening, did a reality check and became lucid. I went outside, and attempted three times to fly. I failed all three. This made me wonder whether I really was dreaming, and therefore failing, so I did three more reality checks, and I was indeed dreaming.

I have two questions. Is there any way to induce false awakenings to become lucid if I make a habit of doing a reality check every time I wake up? And does anyone have any advice on how I could learn to fly? I’ve being trying this for three months and have become lucid three times. I’d like to do something in my dreams, since they’re so rare.

Inducing false awakenings? I dunno…this seems like a task that would be accomplished through dream incubation. You could also try telling yourself that next you wake up, it WILL be a dream.

Trying to fly…hmm. Some people have real difficulty learning, while others do it effortlessly in their first LDs. I’ve fallen more in the first category, but I’m slowly making progress with this enjoyable method of dreamworld transportation.

Make sure you set your goals before going to sleep. Remind yourself that you intend to fly in your next lucid dream and imagine yourself doing it. There’s a critical mindset you have to get into–you have to remember that NOTHING is impossible in the dream world. It’s your brain, and all difficulties are self-imposed. Subconsciously, I mean.

While you’re in your next lucid dream, try a variety of techniques.

  • Jump into the air as hard as you can. A very speedy running start seems to help.
  • Take a pill out of your pocket that you “know” will cause gravity to ignore you. Your feet will pick up right off the ground and you’ll float around. Alternatively, you could pull out a pill that makes you sprout wings.
  • “Swimming” through the air is a slow method for some people, but I find it to work quite well once you’re airborne.
  • Imagining an incredible power surging out of your feet is accepted to be one of the most useful methods.
  • If worst comes to worst, try using a jetpack or broomstick.

Good luck!

Another flying technique which might work is to jump into the air, then as you fall to the ground, slam your feet into the ground. This causes you to bounce really high into the air. It should be much easier to fly if you are already in the air. That is how I learnt to fly in my Lucid Dreams.

i sometimes jump into the air then “jump a second time” while still in the air, something about the muscle stimulation of the real legs gets it going.

there are so many ways to inerface with the dream, and it would make a very good discovery and thread.

you can go about flying by visualization.
imagination (sort of like autosuggestion but more subtle)
tactile stimulation
verbal command
asking for help.

so one thing might be to close your eyes and convince yourself you are 500 feet above the ground, and when you open them you will swoop down a bit and start gliding.

one way would be to vividly imagine that you are floating off the ground, and keep imagining till it happens.

for me i usually do it with the sense of the body’s muscles and stuff… i hop into the air and use the same muscle movement to “hop” again even though i’m still going up, and it locks me into flight more or less.

this puts a strain on the (real?) body though!

you can get into a car and drive it into the sky. you can grow wings. you can find a jetpack. you can jump off something really tall… (do RCs first :smile: )

one good way to get altitude is to simply climb invisible stairs into the sky. for instance, you step your foot up into the air and you plop it down on an imaginary stair, that isn’t really there… then you keep doing this. all you have to do is remember what it feels like to climb stairs, and do that in the open sky.

I tried that. It worked, but olny a bit. It cant be named Flying.

I was sure that i was olny one that fails flying. Diffrence is that i jumped out of third floor :crazy:

Try summoning flying teacher by typical “Doors” techiqe,
just expect that he will come in. I summoned him once, but i wanted to meet SG, so i ignored him just after summoning.

Most of the FA’s are when people believe they are writing their dream journal. Thus writing a DJ induce FA’s.

About flying, you should search on the forum topics with “learning” and “fly” in their title. I remember there were at least two topics like that. Use the yellow search button on the top of the page.

If im a little eerie about heights in real life, would flying very high in an LD possibly be a little bit of a scare to me?, or something to get my adreneline pumping?

Aparently in vanilla sky (movie) Tom Cruise overcame his fear of hights by having an LD and jumping off a building.

I don’t know if this was mentioned anywhere else, but about the flying, try to imagine yourself as being very light. Maybe tell yourself that you are as dense as air, and it will help you to get off the ground. I’m sure you will be able to continue from there.

Dream generators seem to generate whatever seems reasonable at the time. Something you might want to try is reading a book that mentions how to fly. Just do what the characters do, and it’ll work. After all, it worked in the book :smile:

I’ve never had trouble with flying so I don’t know what techniques are good and which are bad on learning to do it.

I normally go into a superman position and imagine myself flying quickly in whatever direction I want to. It works for me. You’ve probably done it already but if not then it’s worth a go. Have you tried running, jumping and then swimming through the air? It’s slow but it’s easy shrugs.

You could try things like stepping onto a flying carpet, getting a jetpack, flying a roofless helicopter, flying on a gigantic butterfly etc. They’re sort of like flying and it would be fun :cool:

As I said before, I don’t what’s good and bad but I hope that I at least gave you some ideas to try out :smile: Good luck and happy dreaming! :hurray: