Need Big Help With Lucidness

Well, I learned about this about 3 to 2 days ago on Yahoo Answers while searching for ways of preventing scary dreams… then I came addicted to see this and it lead me here ( and I REALLY want some lucid dreams or atleast one…
I know you need patience and all, but I need help, ALOT OF HELP, I try to relax and all and say, “When I Have A Dream I Will Know I Have A Dream”, and it ends up being and very weird ND :confused:… So I’m to bed in 1 to 2 hours and need as much help as possible of how to become lucid.

Thanks :grin:

ok, first of all you cant immediatly have a LD. you need to practice dream recall and all that good stuff. you also need to practise a tech. it doesnt just happen.
good luck :content: