Need experienced lucid dreamers input: LDing ability index

The purpose of this a thread is to index all experienced lucid dreamers’ abilities. It will serve as a reference for less accomplished and experienced lucid dreamers.

Here’s the template for lucid dreamers posting in this thread:

Frequency of lucid dreams: (at will, 3 per night, etc.)
Induction methods used: It would be useful to note the methods you find most effective/use most often.
Dream control: (1-3 sentence description)
Amount of time it took to reach my present level:
Special achievements:

Feel free to give suggestions on how to improve the template, and on anything else related to the thread.

Thanks for your time,

Frequency of lucid dreams: Little more than 20 per month.

Induction methods used: Okay, I’m going to rank them by the ones I use most: WILD, RC, MILD, Autosuggest, VILD, FILD.

Dream control: Varied. It’s getting so much better (Flying, TK, creating things, changing dream scenes, etc.)

Amount of time it took to reach present level: Probably around 3.5 months. I just learned how to create dream scenes a few days ago, actually…

Special achievements: Erm. None, really… I don’t think so… I dunno… shrug

Sorry, cholem for not getting around to reply to this. lol, ADD.

Frequency of lucid dreams: Well, lately I’ve been getting them almost everyday.
Induction methods used: MILD, WBTB and waking up conciously
Dream control: I can do anything I want in a dream except teleporting. The way I keep my dreams lasting very long interferes with my teleporting ability. Instead I make a door appear. The easiest thing for me to do is shapeshifting.
Amount of time it took to reach my present level: lol, the first month I started using the techniques.
Special achievements: Getting 11 LD’s in a night and a lucid moment.

Advice: It’s true what everyone says that you can have a LD as long as you believe in yourself. In March when I first started LD’ing with techniques, I was pretty confident because I’ve had LD’s in the past without techniques so I was convinced using techniques would help a great deal. Confidence= more LD’s.

And here’s my sleeping schedule. I can’t guarentee it’ll work for you.

11:00 PM or 12:00 AM I go to sleep using MILD
2:00 AM or 3:00 AM I wake up and do a WBTB with MILD again
This is where I usually get a LD
5:00 AM or 6:00 AM I wake up and do another MILD/WBTB
These are usually my most vivid LD’s
Between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM I’m waking up conciously.

If I’m lucky, I can get a LD in every attempt.

You may also notice I’m too lazy to use WILD or keep a DJ. lol I’m such a slacker.

Frequency of lucid dreams: at “will”. generally every day if i want.
Induction methods used: conscious waking and not moving. intention. sometimes MILD
Dream control: generally i go with the dream plots and don’t get that expiermenter lucidity where i am super keenly alert and messing around. but i can do must things that i think of doing. visualization is the most challenging and something i intend to work on.
Amount of time it took to reach my present level: it took probably about one year of reading about lucidity to amp my abilities enough to have them regularly. roughly 2 years total to really get to the plateau that i haven’t really ever climbed up from. the only next step would be to master WILD.
Special achievements: one time while looking at a building i imagined a camera was filming me, then turned the camera around, so that the building would be horizontal instead of vertical, so that i could easily climb it.

i was very pleased and invented the technique on the fly.