Need help attaining lucidity!

I recently began my quest for lucid dreams (about a month ago), but I have not been able to attain full lucidity. I know that they say that it takes time, but I just want some tips that will help me.
I had sort of a lucid dream the very night I learned about them, but I felt scared when I went to sleep paralysis. I thought that I was awake, and I got out of my bed, and began to scream, but my voice would not come out. It felt so real, but I woke up about 5 minutes later.
I have also tried WILD and MILD techniques, but I just end up staying up half the night. I also tried music on my mp3 telling me to do a RC, but it didnt work.
I have done about 3 RCs in my dreams, but I woke up a few seconds later on each. Any help?

Do you have good dream recall? Do you keep a DJ? A DJ will help a whole lot!

First of all: Dont push it! If you expect it to happen it wont. Just try to think of LD during the day etc. but dont be like: I must have an LD tonight!. Most people get their first LD after they “give up” (including me).
Second: What you experienced was not sleep paralysis. If it was you wouldnt be able to move at all. It was probably just a low level lucid dream.
What also can help is just to stick at one method. If you feel comfortable with WILD, stick with it. It will not help if you keep switing techniques (I can tell).

Dont know if this will help you but I use no techniques at all, i dont keep a DJ (i just use a notepad to write down my LD’s). All i do is think about LD and how to obtain it (i think about RCing etc.) Also i write my dreams in Futhark (ancient rune writing) so it takes longer for me to write them down, so i have to stay focused.

Keep doing those RC’s and keep trying, and you will get an LD soon enough.

I do keep a dream journal, and I think you misundestood what I said.
While I was trying to sleep, I went through sleep paralysis, and it FELT like i got out of my bed and began screaming. I had total control of what I was doing because I THOUGHT I was awake. I was actually asleep because I woke up about 5 minutes later.

It sounds like you had an FA there, the best thing I can think to do to prevent that happening again is to get used to doing an RC if you wake up to anything abnormal. (Perhaps even every time you wake up.)

If you wake up as soon as you get lucid, it is often because of the excitement of getting lucid. It is important to try to stay calm. :smile: