need help explaining an experience

A few months ago I had a sem-lucid experience. I’m not sure exactly what happened and I’m hoping an expert oneironaught could point it out to me.

I dreamt I was at a friend’s house for a barbeque, knocking back a few stubbies - nothing out of the ordinary. I felt like a smoke and reached to get my pipe out of my coat, and it wasn’t there. I thought ‘That’s odd, I never forget to take my pipe with me. I must be dreaming’. From realising I was dreaming I started to think about this opportunity to experience the control of lucidity, which I’ve always wanted to try. I began by conjuring up my pipe, which worked. I started puffing away, then noticed that everything had gone dark. I was in complete emptiness. Darkness spilled away in all directions (except for a concrete floor). For some reason I was a dim light source. I thought then that I was in a ‘blank’ dreamscape, just waiting for my imagination to begin creating. An idea suddenly came to me ‘If I drop out of lucidity and back into normal dreaming, will it hurt?’. At that moment I heard a rushing sound and felt constricted - and the dream ended (although I’m sure I slept for quite some time afterwards). The ease in which I snapped out of a lucid state convinced me I wasn’t quite ‘there’ yet.

Can anybody tell me what this means, or what sort of state I was actually in? Is it possible to dream about lucid dreaming without actually lucid dreaming?

It is possible to dream about LDing but I believe that you were genuinly lucid. I’m not sure what happened to you. My guess is you were in a low level LD that wasn’t very stable. This is why your surroundings went black. As soon as you considered the prospect of returning to a normal LD, it ended because you lost your will to remain lucid. Sometimes you have to concentrate hard just to maintain your lucidity.

I’m not sure about the rushing noise that you heard. Your subconsious can create a huge variety of strange sensations and sounds when you are dreaming. I hope I’ve helped answer some of your questions :smile: .

Thanks, that is helpful information. I guess whether I was in a light LD or simply able to unconsciously acknowledge the concept of LDs, I must be getting closer. I think I’ll start doing some excersises and see where I can get next.

Yizzik you where in a non rem sleep stage…So u left rem sleep and entered the deep sleep lucid i think it was the deep sleep because u said u were yourself a dim light.
Also possible you where very close to the non rem sleep stage.