need help finding dreamthemes...


I am new to lucid dreaming, so i read through the “starting” tab and
my first problem i encounterd is, that i cant find somthing like
dreamthemes in my dreams.:cry:

I can remember my dreams since i can remember of my self as
a self aware person. Since the age of 3 or 4.

But my dreams always were, when explained or compared to other
persons, very weird. just weird. Everytime i read about someones
weird dream there is nothing weird to me because i am always dreaming
of very different things, situations and persons mixed up.

When i am dreaming everything is plausible and nothing is weird about
the dream at all. Only when remembering the dream and thinking about
it, i cant explain to myself why everything was plausible when dreaming.

The point is that my dreams have only the weirdness in common. I cant
find anything else that goes like a red line through my dreams…

So how can i start when i am not able to find somthing like a dreamtheme?

(its difficult for me to explain this because i am not english speaker)

Hi Shinfu !

I see it’s your 1st post. Thus, welcome on LD4all ! :wave:
You don’t have to apologize about your english : it is very good … and surely better than mine (english is not my mother language, too). There are also a lot of people there who are in the same case. So, don’t worry about that ! :grin:

Your problem is astonishing. :confused: To solve it, I’ll try to divide it in two little problems :

  1. in your dreams, weird things happen, but they seem plausible while you’re dreaming.
  2. you can’t find repetitive schemes in your dreams

About the first point, it’s normal. Every dreamer has the same problem. But there are generally some themes which can be related to a kind of pre-lucidity. Several pre-lucid themes are common : for instance, flying, seeing a wonderful landscape, dreaming about a dream, etc. are thing which can lead you to a little more awareness in your dream.

Otherwise, most of these themes differ from a dreamer to another. As for me, for instance, one of my pre-lucid schemes is “seeing UFOs” : this theme cames very rarely in my dreams, but when I see one, I often wonder if it’s a dream or not.

About the second point, it sounds incredible that some details in your dreams are not repetitive. Do you keep a dream diary ? If you don’t, you’ll have to write down your dreams for about a month. Then read again all your dreams and try to find some themes.
If you keep a dream diary and are unable to find repetitive schemes in it, you could try to post excerpts of your diary in the “Dream Diary” topic. Other dreamers can help you to find your schemes… or agree with you in the fact you have no dream schemes ! :wink:

I’m intrigued. What are your dreams like if no one has more weird dreams? :eh:
In fact, if you are unable to find a common “red line” (were few people have one, by the way), you can choose any thing that was ever seen in two or more dreams. Were there any doors there? Stairs? Flowers? Telephones? Naturally, it will not be a clean dreaming technique, but if you just count your fingers every time when you go downstairs (for example), you will one day do it in a dream. You could also try thinking out themes, which are never met in your dreams, and using suggestion techniques to induce dreams where they are present.

No recurring themes? It’s bad for the dreamtheme technique, but actually I think it’s fun to have every dream different, always surprising you… I used to have series of dreams, for example, about school. It was boring, and I didn’t succeed in getting lucid using the dreamtheme anyways.
As for the technique, you say your only theme is weirdness, sou try to train your awareness - do a reality check IRL every time you see something unusual, look at your surroundings checking if they’re normal… it’ll help you become more aware in dreams, and they won’t seem so “normal” to you then.