Need help from all well computer orientated dreamers

This is a big problem, and i realy don’t know what to do :sad:

The internet comes to my house through a router. Then it goes through a switch, that separets the net to me, my father and my sister (we have 3 comps in the house). The net is realy slow at my computer, when i runned a speed test, i had from 1 to 50 kilobits. When i runned it at my fathers or sisters computer, it went even to 700 kilobits (that way bigger speed that we are paying for). I started thinking, why its slow only at my computer. I tried to replace the net card, but it dint work. I plugged to my net cable a laptop, to check is there anything wrong with the cable. On the laptop the speed was also about 700 kilobits. So i tried the method, that works on 3/4 problems: clean the HD, and reinstall Windows. And it din’t work, my net is still slower that in the rest of the house

Im realy desperate and mad, does anybody know what to do?

EDIT: I just discovered, that when Winamp updates or my anti-virus, it downloads at normal speed. When i try download or surf sites, or play online games its still slow tho…

are you wireless? you have a router and a switch? um ok i dont know that much about that, but that to me seems like one to many unless you are down a port.

how far away is your computer from the switch, if you are not using wireless, the distence does acutally make a diference, it takes longer to travel along the copper then you think, so try and keep your cords shorter.

how old is your computer? could there be a outdated problem on your comp?

other then that i cant really think of too much, go wireless it works better :smile:

Im not wireless, but it isnt about the cable, because i plugged a laptop here yesterday and it worked fine. It something about my computer. It is a little old, but i don’t have money to get newer stuff :meh:

Maybe its something about port configuration…

if its a port problem you should just be able to copy the configeration from your laptop onto the main computer that you want to use. other then that i cant really help have you googled it yet?

I tried to post the problem on few forums, but all i hear is to replace the net card or reainstall windows…

But the ports should be set default after reisntaling windows, and thats how they are set on the laptop :meh:

The net speed jumps like hell, i just tested the speed with and i had 830 kilobits, and after that i tested it again and had 10 kilobits :meh:

Get Nuria, install, setup it up and run it several times.
Then report the speeds (up/down/ping/surf) here.
That might give some more info on what could be the problem…

for instance, for me it reports as:

(this output is in Dutch, but the program is also available in English)

Well it looks pretty normal, but it seems to work slower than 150 sometimes…

It seems to jump all the time, when i download sometihng i get speeds from 2 kb/s to 29 kb/s and its changing all the time…

that’s odd… your upload often is higher than your download…it should be the other way around…

And I take it you made sure that no-one else is using the line at the same time?

Do you perhaps have a live-linux cd such as Knoppix lying around? So you could try it with a different operating system so you can rule that out?

I’ll wait till my father comes back from work, he had Knoppix on live cd somewhere around.

I tried it on Knoppix, it works the same.

so also slow connections?

that would mean it is a hardware or cabling problem then…
but as you tested it with your laptop before, all that can be it is the pc’s hardware then…
What kind of networkcard do you have in it?

(btw, congrats on your 300th post :tongue:)

Make sure you don’t have any applications hogging your upload speed (bit torrent, limewire, etc). By the way, the biggest difference between a switch and a router is a switch tends to prioritize, meaning, like someone said, if anyone else in your house is using the internet you might suffer. One thing that I ALWAYS do to troubleshoot slow connections, is turn off ALL comuters in the house except mine. Often times I will find out that either Bit Torrent or Limewire or other file sharing programs were running on another computer and it was hogging all of the bandwidth.

Well, it would be hard to make everyone shut off their coputers, especialy my sister…

I use an Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC card.

I don’t have any p2p programs etc. on.

This is a curse, is there any shaman on LD4ALL?

btw. Fix, thanks :razz:

EDIT: Yes, im pretty certain that my net is going from its max speed to the minimal speed, all the time, i can see it when im downloading files. First i start with 30kb/s, then i go through 29, 24, 21, 20, 16, 14, 10, 5, 1, 0.2 to 0, and after a while its goes bach to 30 in the same way. It does that till it completes the download.

Okay… although this problem is about slow network browsing, the Full/Half-duplex mode settings described in it might be a solution for you too. Try it.

And you really also should try the shutting down all other computers (or just unplug them from the hub/switch/router) first, so that it is the only pc connected to the net at that time; and then time your speeds.
Since it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any p2p programs on… just a family member who has, would be enough…

Have you also tried to attach your pc to the network cable of one of the other family members? Or just plugging the network cable connected to your pc, into another switchport than it is connected now?

I set it to 100 full duplex. Nothing.
I tried to set it to 10/ half duplex. AND IT WORKED! It worked!

My net is finaly working at the speed it should be!

FiXato, big big big big big thanks for the link! I owe you man :happy:

No problem :smile:
You might be able to switch to 100 full duplex if you get a better router though :smile: