Need help from the experts...

I’m brand new to this forum but i wanted to sign up cause i have a questions. I have been really concentrating on dreams and trying to LD, and i can usually remember at least one dream a night and i occasionally do reality checks. I have identified some dream signs but they are bit sketchy…What i want to know is when you are in a dream, how do you make yourself do a reality check to see if you are dreaming…because whenever i am in a dream i am just there unconsciously letting it all happen and unable to do anything about it…
What do i do?

Reality check used in a dream is more for confirming that youre dreaming as surroundings sometimes seems just too real. But by making them in real life youre getting into habit of questioning reality which should manifest in a dream by you being suspicious.Know what i mean?
It just helps to realize you MIGHT be dreaming right now.
Theres no other way or specific way to train “to wake up in a dream”…only by questioning reality all the time which eventually will be carried into your dreams:)
good luck

I think that doning rcs are just a way to get your unconcoius mind to know that you want to lucid dream. The method I use is looking at my hands for a good 15-20 seconds and say “I see my hands in my dream, I know I am dreaming” everytime I do an RC.

Jack is right you do a rc because u got a feeling like…“Am i dreaming?”
Or because u trained it also at day time a lot, when u are awake and you are a child of habbit because of all that practising rc’s at day time lol :happy:

Good luck!

thanks, i’ll keep that in mind

Is lucid dreaming only that you are dreaming but you know you are dreaming?. Or is the feeling better of something :confused:.