Need help on dream recall!

:help: Hey i haven’t had a lucid dream YET but i need help for dream recall i know we have ND’s all the time but i can never seem to remember mine i need help on how to recall do you often remember lucid dreams more than ND’s?

Heres a question witch worries me on the point of lucid dreaming Ok here i go
When you have a lucid dream do you actually do what you want when your lucid dream and know what your doing and do what ever you want or when you wake up do you just remember i know its hard to understand ill try to explain it here but simpler Ok.

When you lucid dream you understand your dreaming but when you wake up do you just remember it as a normal dream? if you don’t understand no need to answer


Harry :eh:

Hey Harry!

Yup I get it what your trying to say.
When your in a dream and you realise your dreaming you become Lucid, hence the term Lucid Dreaming. When you wake up depending on your Dream Recall, you can either remember it in full details or not even remember a fragment.

I would suggest for you to improve on your Dream Recall before trying to have a Lucid Dream, as in dont try any WILDs or anything. I would also get into a habit of doing Reality Checks at random times or when you think something is strange or out of place.

Here is some links on how to help you with your Dream Recall:

This is the LD4all’s guide for improving your Dream Recall -

And this is a new technique developed by Spider that is being tested and experimented on by a couple of members from LD4all, including me. So I would recommend you to give it a try. … r=asc&&sta rt=0