Need help stabalizing a dream!

So, I’ve been practicing Lucid dreaming for about a year and a half now. I’ve pretty much achieved the ability to obtain or enter a lucid dream, maybe one lucid dream a week. And I like to use the chaining or DEILD I think thats what its called. Basically I whenever I wake up from a dream, I stay still and just watch myself go to sleep and can do this a bunch of times, the most I’ve ever done in one night was 7 lucid dreams. I’d say I have had around 50 lucid dreams if not more. But the only problem I have is stabilizing the dream or controlling how long I can stay in a dream. My lucid dreams only last for about 30 seconds, If I’m lucky They can last maybe 3 or 5 minutes. Whenever I do get into a lucid dream I do a reality check, and then start to rub my hands. When I do that, my hard start to feel like they have been asleep for a long time, or the feeling you get when you are entering sleep paralysis whenever your body relaxes and shuts down. I’ve tried to do that spinning technique and it just makes me feel weird, and the dream changes and usually it does not help.

So can someone help me, maybe tell me some techniques or tips or tricks or something that would help, thank you

Your kind of problem is a bit tricky just as dream recall!

It may vary from time to time for no reasonable reason.

It seems that you used all the techs on the market and still no results that you want. I think that mattias has the same problem. He had over 500 LD’s and still he can’t make them longer then a few minutes.

I really don’t have any smart advice. In your position I would continue with what you do. It seems that it’s working at least for inducing part. One thing crossed my mind:


Get into it. Meditation can really help you and I think mattias(sorry man for using you as the example - again :shy: ) had better results when meditating. In meditation you can learn how to be calm, how to extend the specific feeling, situation, scenery. But really get into it.

Also it may help you to be more exhausted before bed time. Maybe it will help you to stay in a dream loner. Even though I remember when I had this problem anything I did didn’t help and I also had this feeling upon realization that it’s a dream, it was something like that: “Oh, I’m in a dream and now it’s going to collapse.”

Then after some time I stop thinking that way and my dream stopped collapsing…

Good luck! :content:

I’ll have to try out meditation, but I dont know if im doing anything right. Because I do all this reality check stuff and other things and feel like I’ve made the dream vivid and stuff. And without warning I will freeze and wake up

I know. It’s frustrating but I really don’t know what you can do. Because if you were doing things wrong then you won’t have any improvement in a dream. Like I said if spinning makes you feel strange and if it doesn’t help you try rubbing hands. But do it in waking life to. Get the feeling of it, remember how it feels and also when meditating bring that feeling up in your mind and stuck with it. Try to see an image clearer and clearer, connect rubbing sensation with clearness…

There’s a lot of tricks but at the end you need to experiment and see what works for you!