Need help with chaining

So i heard chaining is a great method to increase the chances of LDs. Whenever I try it I encounter one of these problems:

  1. After waking up by autosuggestion im an a very uncomfortable position and i have to move
  2. Sometimes my autosuggestion doesnt wake me up enough so im still half asleep, cant think about why i just woke up in the middle of the night and just sleep on
  3. When using autosuggestion to wake up after a dream i cant use it to remember dreams and my DR is pretty bad without autosuggestion (is there a way to use multiple Mantras at once?)

Any advice?

The easiest way to chain is to chain from one LD to another. Simply because you’ve already raised your awareness enough to remember your intentions to stay still and stay lucid when you fall back to sleep. Maybe it’s best if you first try that and move on to chaining from a ND as a next step.

One Good Suggesstion,
For this you need a remainder application in your mobile. It is similar to alarm but it bleeps for 2 seconds and stops automatically. you do not need to move physically to stop it. It is also called ‘Task Manager’, i.e, you set a task and fix time to remind you. when the designated time arrives it bleeps.
Next, you need to know exactly your R.E.M period, when it begins. For me it begins after 3 hours from sleep. Set the remainder to bleep in the beginning of R.E.M period or Middle (As u find comfortable). When it bleeps, you might be in the middle of the dream or beginning of the dream, In either case, keep volume at audible level and keep your mobile near your ears. When it bleeps, Just be aware. Dont move physically, dont move even your eyelids. Dont get agitated. Breathe Normally. If u awaken from a dream visualise the dream and you will probably be lucid in that dream.
This method is so easy but fear is my big spoiler. Try this method tonight and post the results. Good Luck!!!

hmm ty for the suggestions bur my mobile cant run applications XD

Let’s see…

1.) While you basically shouldn’t move when doing WILD or DEILD it’s completely okay if you do so without actually thinking about it. I once woke up from a LD and turned around, but not consciously, it was more like my body wanted to move and I just gave my consent. While I turned around I was already back in the dream.

2.) This can have various reasons. Maybe you wasn’t concentrating enough on your mantra or your sleep was deeper than usual.

3.) Yes, of course you can try to perform multiple mantras. Though you have to try out what works best for you. First choose the mantras you would like to use, then think about how you want to use them, for example, which one to repeat first, or both rotational.

i tried rotating them and they both malfunctioned ^^ and when i try to do one and then the other only the 2nd one works :sad:

Have you tried autosuggestion with a mantra which includes both things, like: “I’ll wake up immediately after my dreams and remember them” ?

It worked great for me some time ago, now I know that I can still remember some dreams even if I don’t wake up after them.

thought about that alrdy. Might be to long so when i get sleepy i cant memorize it but I will try anyway.

Sound advice. Also, if you can, when you believe you have just woken up from your lucid dream. Hold completely still, keep your eyes closed and try to levitate. I’ve found that 9 out of 10 times, you’ll levitate upon waking up from a lucid dream? Why? Because you’re still dreaming! :cheesy:

Keep in mind that if your heart beat wasn’t through the roof with either fear or excitement upon waking from an LD, that the chances are your sub conscious was trying to trick you into thinking you woke up and blew it, to help protect itself.

I’m used to this cause it happens to me all the time. Lately, when I go lucid, I attempt to fly and if I get too high, my subconscious is like ‘‘okay, this is enough’’ and it tries to trick me into thinking I just woke up in my bed. However, like I said, 9 times out of 10 you’re still dreaming. Why? Because your brain physically NEEDS a full uninterrupted cycle of REM sleep and it will only allow you to wake up if your heart is beating through the roof, as a defense mechanism.

Sorry I wrote a whole book and then some. I hope this helps. haha :content:

now I’m wondering how many of the times I wake up prematurely from a LD I’m actually awake! :cry: many times I just lie still and re-enter the LD. I wonder if I could just stand up and still be lucid…

Thanks for all the advice. I will try to improve my DR again, master MILD first and then turn to chaining again.