Need help with lucid dreaming?

Well I wasn’t so sure where to post this. I’m pretty new to the site, But I hope I got it in the right forum. :smile: Well any ways, let me get this out of the way. Recently this morning I was in my bed and I couldn’t open my eyes. I had wanted to open my eyes but I couldn’t. And for some reason I was asking my self if I was dreaming. So I finally managed to pull my eyes opened by force because I was afraid of knowing if I was dreaming or not. So I got out of that zone and realized I was dreaming. Most of the times when I get lucid I lack dream control and I rush to get into it because I get excited. And that’s the problem with me.

From my understandings, I’ve noticed when I opened my eyes I decided to do the finger reality check. I opened my eyes and saw my finger, it looked like it was frozen, “I don’t know why.” And this sort of thing happened to me twice this morning. So I wasn’t so sure if I was lucid or having a false awakening, etc. When ever I do have lucid dreams, I feel like I don’t want to get out of bed and explore. Sometimes I just feel like not doing anything because I get scared, etc. I don’t know why. Maybe its because my mind hasn’t done any lucid dreaming that much. I’ve had some in the past.

Usually when I’m lucid I tell my mind to take me different places and nothing works so I think dream control might be the problem.

So I was wondering if anyone could help me here on the forum. I know you have to keep a dream journal which I’ve started doing. I’m keeping a lucid anchor and it seemed to help me well last night for dream recall and self affirmations because I’m usually bad with dream recall, and I was hoping anyone could help me solve my problem. Thanks. :smile:

EDIT: I realized this must be in the wrong forum, Could a mod please move it to where it needs to be. Thanks.

Well becoming and being lucid is generally divided into 2 steps:

  1. becoming lucid
  2. dream control

Once when you manage to induce lucid dreams regularly(whatever that is for you) then you can work on dream control which has nothing to do with ability to induce lucid dreams. This 2 steps are completely separate.

You have many guides on how to but my advice is when you realize that you are dreaming then take it easy. Let yourself to become comfortable in dream surroundings and modulate your emotions. Try to feel neutrally about the situation, this will bring stability and relatively long lucid dream.

It’s expected that you won’t be able to control huge things in dreams at the beginning so make your goals small which are achievable by your level of knowledge then your motivation won’t be a problem…

Those are some of the basic guidelines. Search those that are more direct for your problems. It’s very hard to explain lucid dreaming in few posts…

Good luck! :content: