Need help with lucid dreaming

Hi i have been on a quest lately and part of my mission would benefit greatly from lucid dreaming. However when i try to induce lucidity by micro dosing, glass of mug wort, and a few lucid techniques the past few nights and it seems when i try to lucid dream i have no dreams at all. it is rather frustrating. any ideas?

I assume you have been doing WBTB and are probs applying WILD-type tech.

There is a possible chance the micro-doses cause tolerance or badly timed crashes to occur. Are you not taking doses every third day? If so, could be a weird tolerance or crash that interact with serotonin. (I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT BTW. TAKE IT WITH SOME SALT AND MSG)

There is also a chance that you exhaust your tryptophan (Serotonin and melatonin precursor) by taking serotonin inducing drugs or not let any serotonin turn into melatonin (Serotonin can be converted to melatonin) as drugs make the receptors keep serotonin more. (Again, idk what I am saying)
(Also, melatonin is important when it comes to dream clarity, although too much may be problematic)

Anyways, there may also be recalling problems occuring too. Try playing n-back, a brutal but a very helpful brain training exercise which was anecdotally shown to help with lucid dreaming and recall as well too.

Mugwort has some body load already, so going for those as well may cause vasoconstrictive stuff to occur (blood doesn’t flow much pretty much) which is generally not a problem unless if your body or brain is not fine with it (I do not recommend you to “counter” this with more stuff btw, if you do try to do so. I don’t know though, but still. Although, you can try doing exercises during your WBTB long rest, even though that would jolt your body awake. Experimentation may be needed for this)

Have you also tried:

  • Mindfulness meditation during your WILD attempt
  • Applying body scans onto your jaws and eyes as those store a lot of stress that is hard to notice
  • Not caring too much (still a bit though) about swallowing or minor jerks as they don’t (I think) interfere with your attempt much
  • Having stronger expectations of success and intentions of goal, that you remind to yourself and your mind directly (Especially if doing MILD since that is what that tech is pretty much, and also very helpful for DILD based tech too, lol. Would be helpful even for WILD, though it doesn’t suit it much. Does intention help with lucid dreams? - #2 by Marvin)
  • FILD (cheat code for lds)
  • Putting more effort into your sleep hygiene and routine by adding stuff like going for a colder sleeping environment if the env is hot (over 18-24 degrees centigrade) or avoiding blue light 1 hour before sleeping (you probs do this alr) etc
  • Ask yourself what you were doing a few minutes ago, both while you are awake and while dreaming. It should be kinda like a RC style ritual I assume, but it can later on be turned into All-Day-Awareness I think (I just made that up. Haven’t tested it, but it is pretty much ADA so it may be helpful)

— Prooceed with more patience, as the first success may take some more time and energy then what is generally told, if you ask me. Try to not have a LD on the “first night”, and attempt to acknowledge your unsuccessful attempts as not complete fails, and consider progress within your attempts as inducing LD is a skill that requests practice and technique tbh.

Try seeing how far you got by observing your hallucination levels (Check those out, referring to wikipedia btw), signs like buzzing or shaking, the time you spent on your attempt, your mental serenity during the attempt etc; to then better understand how far you went on your attempt, to find problems and obstacles are there to solve those, and for more stuff.

Also, I haven’t achieved my first LD too. Lololololol. I guess I need some help too. Hope these help you though.

And again, I dunno ■■■■ about what I said when it comes to drug stuff, apply harm reduction and tread those carefully etc. For the LD tips though, you can rely on those more I guess (I am still a newb though lol).

Have a nice and lucent night.


Welcome to the community.

It sounds like you are trying to get some results quickly and willing to put in some effort. Also you haven’t had your first lucid and in a way that is exciting. I think everyone can relate to the frustration, and it could be a minor thing that’s keeping you from success.

There are a few tips and thoughts I can think of

  1. Dream Journal - keep a dedicated Dream Journal. It is the #1 most reliable thing you can do to increase the chance of going lucid. It will also make your dreams last longer and give you more recall.

  2. Be conscious of your environment. This is more of a dealing with the frustration tip and possible reason for a lack of Dream recall. There isn’t much you can do about it, but if you have a lot of distractions when you wake up, that can really destroy your recall. When you first wake up try not to move at all and naturally look back to what you were dreaming. If you have pets or other people in the house that bug you in the morning, were woken by the alarm clock, etc. it can make it significantly harder. Just be aware of that.

  3. If you wake up in the middle of the night and had a dream, at least jot down a few keywords from it and leave it on your bedside table. You will be surprised that from a few words you can recall a whole dream from the night before. A more extreme version of this is to literally get out of bed or get up and journal no matter what hour of night it is. That’s not easy but if it important to you to get quick results, it is quite doable. Sometimes it won’t seem like much, but once you get to writing, you all of a sudden have paragraphs when you first just remembered a few things.

  4. Your first lucid dream may be very short. It is natural for anyone to wake up within seconds of their first time going lucid. My first lucid I had a normal dream and upon going lucid I woke up 4-7 seconds later. The safest thing to do on your first lucid is to just let yourself wake up from the excitement and put all your focus into remembering and writing down or recording the dream. People also will notice things are out of place in the dream but not go lucid, that actually is a thing from beginners to advanced dreamers, though you may have some close calls before your first lucid.

  5. WBTB Wake Back to Bed method. If I had to jumpstart Dream recall I would focus on the WBTB method. If you wake up in the middle of the night, focus on trying to dream or go back into your dreams before you fall back asleep. It seems to be the easiest way from my experience to increase the quantity of normal dreams and thus the chance to go lucid.

  6. You have the opportunity to start Dream recall and lucid dreaming from basically a clean slate. I would suggest doing it the natural way first, and also without too much influence or pressure from others on what to expect as far as Dream content goes. It doesn’t require any supplements or drugs to lucid dream. You will learn more about yourself doing it by dream journaling and dedication. The first few months of your lucid journey should be personal and not affected too much by outside influences. Because at a certain point you can’t go back and start over and take it back. I know I am grateful for the period of time where all I had was knowing lucid dreaming existed and a bunch of dream journal entries.

Well that was long but there is a lot of nuance. It can be frustrating when you tell yourself to try and nothing happens. That’s why I wanted to go into more detail because you have tried 3 nights.

If you get anything let us know here or just start a dream journal on the dream journal section. A lot of us read all of them as they come in. Good luck!