Need Help with OOBE


In mornings sometimes I suddenly hear noises(in my head) like swooshing very suddenly which wakes me up a bit. I recently heard that this was the start of an OOBE, so now I’m curious. Could someone please tell me how to OOBE? … nique.html

also see the big WILD thread.

It can be one of two things

Hypnogogic hallucinations in the form of sound

The sudden full return of your astral form to your body. I get this alot sometimes, like if i am in floating state but not conscious of it during it, i’ll wake up like i just got hit by something, then remember the floating state (i hate it when i get it but am not conscious during it). I think that the waking up from it is just the surprise from the sudden return.

Has anyone here enterd their astral body, or dream body, in a form completly different than the waking body and not questioned it as somthing different than you oun, natural form? I had a dream where I was a Fox. I was sort of a mystical one that was standing upright, wore forest cloating, could speak and use the sword. Another time, I was a dragon, large and with large wings. THIS WAS THE ONLY TIME I WAS ABLE O FLY! WITHOUT EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT! I could speak there also.
Any thoughts? Anyone had one like it?

Sorry, a bit off topic. But I have experienced like things when I have fallen asleep, It was a bit strange, so at first I felt away. So, do not worry about the senses. Are you using your physical senses in Lucid Dreams?