Need some advice or tips on my expierience.

So I am pretty sure that I have yet to lucid dream. And by lucid dream I mean doing what I want in my dream that goes beyond the limits of reality. My first experience with what I though was LD was a very realistic dream where I had control over my thoughts however I did not realize I was dreaming. This ended up with me waking up and having my first bout with sleep paralysis which lasted only about 15 seconds but was terrifying because I had no idea what was going on. Over the next couple of months realistic dreams ensued but last night was just a crazy marathon of… well I don’t know what it was which is why I am here.

So its like 12 o clock and I need some sleep because I want to wake early to study for my test. My tv is on because I usually use it to fall asleep. However, this time I realized that I wasn’t really tired so I just laid there in my bed with my eyes closed. After some time of laying there I felt my consciousness altered into a dream like state, it was an instant transition between reality on somthing else. This was different tho, my eyes were closed but I could see everything around my room… I must be dreaming I thought. I tried to get up out of my bed and explore but I couldn’t because I was paralyzed. I started to doubt that I was dreaming but to make sure I looked at my hands. WOW! Wtf is this? One of my arms is wearing a sleeve and my hand is missing, my other one is perfectly fine tho. I was certain now I was dreaming but I was stuck in bed so I tried to use my thoughts to make things happen. Being the pervert that I am :razz: I tried manifesting a celebrity to have some fun with. So I began thinking of Jessica Alba in my head but she never came :sad:, all I felt was some minor pleasure in my private area. Well that wasn’t working so I tried something else I wanted to do… flying. I thought of lifting off from my bed to go explore the world and I felt a weird sensation… it felt as if I was floating on my bed however I could not fully take off because it felt as if I was chained to my bed.

Blurriness ensues and I look at my hands… they look fine and I realize I have drifted back into reality. Displeased I lay down again thinking I would get some actual sleep this time. But no… moments later the same expierence happens again and my consciousness is altered. This time when I look at my hands they look completely messed. However I still failed to lucid dream, and this whole things repeated itself about 5 times that night.

Any adivce?

It sounds to me that you were just a bit too eager, you were experiencing HI and SP both of which are fairly delicate states, you need to wait a while and really settle into it because if you act to soon then you’ll wake up fully. I tend to just let the HI play out until it finally becomes a dream, if you are entering a dream in this way then it’s not really necessary to perform reality checks (looking at your hands).

So yeah, just have a little patience, stick with it, and good luck :smile:

I don’t know if I would consider this sleep paralysis because the first time I had sleep paralysis every inch of my body was paralyzed and I had an immense sensation of fear. This time I felt completely relaxed and it was only when I tried getting off my bed that it felt like I was paralyzed. More specifically, I could feel one body almost going off of the bed and my real body beginning to feel paralyzed, but it was only really my legs. However when I decided to stay on my bed the paralysis went away. And during a few attempts that night I actually managed to get off my bed and start walking around a bit but than I woke up and realized I was still in my bed and not even near my door.

Also something I just remembered now, when I was trying to fall asleep and I had my eyes closed I saw visuals of pyramids with eyes and Egyptian like symbols. I am sure I was still awake when this was happening and they were 100% clear but I could still make out what they looked like.

Also to add to my story, a week or two ago this same thing happened but it felt like I could induce it onto myself. And also I could get up from my bed that time but when I looked around my room it started to become familiar and I saw things that were not actually in my room, like an old style radio which was on at the time.

The human mind is an incredible thing, when you pan your eyes around a room you don’t actually “see” a lot of what you see, your mind fills in the blanks with what it expects to be there. I’ve often had experiences where I’m lying in bed and feel as if I’m awake but I just know that my eyes are closed even though I can see everything in my room. Weird.

But yeah, sleep paralysis: Am i right in saying that the first time you experienced it was when you were waking up and the second time was when you were going to sleep? If so then these are technically two different states. When you are falling asleep you go into a hypnagogic state, hence hypnagogic imagery, this tends to be fairly relaxed (in my experience) as you are eased into it relatively gently.

However, when waking up sith SP you’re in a hypnopompic state, your mind has woken up whilst your body remains asleep, this tends to be a lot more disorientating and even frightening as you’re mind, though awake, is still shrouded in the remnants of dreams. This is the state in which most visits from the Old Hag (or you’re own personal variation on the theme, mine being a freaky deaky guy with no face, who i like to call Mr Not-Real-No-Face) occur.

As for the strong, vivid imagery, this is typical of HI (for me, not the egyptian theme but the, i don’t know, realness (that’s not a word!) of what I’m seeing. When the imagery is as strong as this it tends to mean, to me at least, that I am literally on the cusp of entering the dream state proper.

Sorry about the essay there :smile:

EDIT: as for raising out of your body, that sounds like an OBE. I don’t know much about that but I’m sure that there are some experts somewhere on here who can tell you what to do in that sort of a situation. (maybe the Radio was an Astral Radio, you mentioned that it was old fashioned, that’d be pretty cool if it had left an imprint on the astral plane! BTW, do you remember what the radio was playing?

ANOTHER EDIT: Since you’re new here you may want to pop in here: [the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 52) to say Hi to everyone :smile:

Yes your assumption is right. The first time was when I was awaking and this time was when I was trying to sleep. As for the radio I don’t remember what it was playing but whatever it was it was bothering me so I got up and turned it off and I woke up.

I also want to mention that the altered consciousness I felt last night was like a drug high, but I know its against the rules to talk about that so I won’t be specific. I just remembered telling myself how much it was similar to being high so I wanted to mention that.

Various strange experiences can be had at the edge of sleep. The way I understood this, you could move a little. That sounds like a dream, but you can have hypnogigic dreamlets, that last only a few seconds. This going in and out could point in that direction, but then again you can go in and out of sleep. You can dream that you are paralysed so that is not strange either. One time, when I appeared to wake up, I could not move my body, which was laying in bed, but I could move my dreambody, which was next to the bed. It was like I was both awake and asleep at the same time.

Pyramids with eyes you say? Don’t get me started! I’ll just refer you to the internet, search for Illuminati and New World Order. Or Horus, possibly Stargates. And the dollar bill.