Need some guidance

I have been interested in Lucid Dreaming for the better part of the past few months due to my fascination with dreams in general. I have ALWAYS been able to remember my dreams (sometimes nightly, sometimes every now and again) and have wondered alot about what was in some dreams of mine. However, i had never gone lucid as a child or any other time eventhough i had friends (in the way past) that did it all the time. I lost interest in the subject some months ago and let it slip out of my mind for a while.

Some info on myself, I am 18 and in college now but i am doing summer research at my school, so i have a ton of time to kill, usually. I actually inadvertently went lucid for the first time a few weeks ago (and remembered, which was so awesome, it is difficult to describe how so, but i am sure you guys know) and again soon afterwards. My trigger in one was my ds, which was a little off, so i spotted it right away and just got into my dream. The other time, I’m not sure why i went lucid but i did. I’ll be sure to share those events in due time. After those two dreams, i figure i might as well try and cultivate the ‘gift’, as it were, if i can do it on my own every now and again, so i have come here and to every other resource on Lucid Dreaming.

I am not having so much a problem but i am in a need of some advice as to how best to move forward. I am RCing as of yesterday and try and use mnemonic devices such as ‘I will remember my dreams when i wake up’ and it seems to be working as i have been remembering my dreams better these past two days. (however, i was too lazy to write anything two days ago) I am just not sure what method works best for my kind of sleeper. I almost NEVER get a full nights sleep. I might wake up 5-10+ times a night and then fall asleep. I am in no rush and figure it will happen when it happens but i might as well guide my efforts. Any thoughts?

Everyone wakes up several times while sleeping. But it is not remembered much, because one falls asleep immediatly. So you are defenitly not the only one.
I strongly suggest you keep an DJ, since you have enough time and that shall help your dreaming greatly.

And I cannot wait till you share those happenings. :content:

Waking up in the middle of the night isn’t a bad thing for lucid dreaming either. Every time you go to sleep you can practise an induction technique. So waking up give you another chance to reinforce your autosuggestion, or is another chance to WILD.

Perhaps try WBTB since you said that you wake up 5+ time a night.

That is what i figured. I did wbtb today (although it is sort of effed up because i was drinking and my sleep was so off last night) and it worked. I became lucid in my dream. I’ll have to type up the stuff i have in my dream journal and add it to the forum.