need some help.

Hello, I’m pretty new to Lucid Dreaming. I have however read as much as I can about it. I started a dream journal. Until i could remember two dreams per night, Now, I’m kind of out of hte habit of using it. :razz: As I rememeber it.

Now to the point. I’ve been trying WILD these past few days, And well. I tryed one this afternoon, I relaxed all my body, Every muscle I could. I got into a comfortable positon. I then closed my eyes. Just how it’s ment to be done. :razz:
I then wait, I start to get like twitches, my shoulder twitches or my leg. It then gets stiffer and I eventually get some eletric shocks like on my hands. Though here’s my problem, Once This has all happend. I wait and I see nothing, Though my right eye twitches a real lot. I must of waited 45 minuites, Relaxing as much as i could. I also was counting like ‘1…This is a dream’ ect…

What am I doing wrong?

Man, that twitching is really disturbing when you’re trying to relax. When I did the Astralware Regression I totally failed because every single muscle in my face was twitching. I couldn’t concentrate.

I relax before I WILD. When i sit back, I feel no tension in my muscles at all. Though the twitches remind me that im entering sleep paralyzrd (I can’t spell :razz:)

I have a couple of ideas you can try that work for me.

  1. After you relax, you can try to imagine yourself falling. As you descend you let go of more and more of your conscious thinking while you sty focused on the falling.

The falling technique is a common technique used to deepen trances/relaxation. I found it to be a great way of inducing WILD.

  1. After you relax, you can focus on your breathing. You breath from your abdomen bring air in through your nose and out through your mouth. Let go of all other thoughts. If you find yourself thinking about something other than your breathing just let go of it and bring you attention back to your breathing

Just keep in mind the main keys to WILD are 1) letting go of conscious thinking and 2) staying focused on one small thing ( i.e. Breathing, body sensations, counting, visualizing an object ) experiment with different techniques until you find one that works for you.

I had the exact same problem. But without the eye twitch. I just went to bed at night, did WILD, got to SP and then just sat there for ages, but according to another post, you only dream in REM, and in the sleep cycle graph it shows you aren’t in REM until the later hours of sleep, though, you are in a REM for a few minutes after the first stage of sleep according to the chart.

Well, I try my in the afternoon. Like as a Afteroon nap. I’m sure I read that the REM cycle continues after waking up in the morning.