Need to learn how to get a lucid nap

All over the internet I see its easier to get lucid while napping but there is no clues to achieve this. I myself love taking naps and the dreams are more vivid than my night dreams but I have never got lucid in a nap. All I need to know is what method to use during naptime. Ive tried MILD and WILD but with no success. Any tips, suggestions or ideas will be very helpful.


Having a lucid dream while napping is the same as having a lucid dream during core sleep. :razz: The only difference is that you have a better chance because of awareness and the length of the REM cycle during a nap tends to be longer.

So… to lucid dream during a nap just do what you would normally do! And don’t give up if you don’t have success at first. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll lucid dream if you nap. In fact, you shouldn’t just try to lucid dream during naps as if you can have lucids during core sleep your chances of having them during naps increase as well.

Best time for a lucid dream during a nap is ~11 am, assuming you have a standard biphasic sleep schedule. Naps shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes to make sure you wake right out of your REM sleep, you’ll have way better recall.

If you feel like you’re getting no success, keep at it. Rome wasn’t built in a day; it takes practice to become able to lucid dream.