need to stop OBE

hi everyone, im new here so this is my first post

I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was a child, a few of my family could do this growing up but not so much as adult, whereas myself and a couple family members still lucid dream naturally.

My problem is OBE … again something ive always been able to do … but for years now im having OBE involuntarily, i cannot chose where i go or what i do… i am in the same place/dimension every time it happens whether im in the house while having OBE or if im outside or in familiar or unfamiliar place it is all within this horrible dimension that i just cannot for the life of me take control of whats happening … normally when i OBE voluntarily i can just come back whenever i think to come back, not so when i am ‘taken’ to this strange place…it takes me so much concentration and effort to get out of it that im totally exhausted… i say taken as i dont go voluntarily… i wont go into what its like (unless that will help) but short version is notch silent hill up by about a 1000 times and there i am

because i have experieced OBE uncountable times over the years i know for sure this is something/somewhere i shouldn’t be … in the beginning, the ‘creatures’ i saw there seemed as wary as me, sounds stupid but ive had moments of ‘shock horror’ where ive looked directly at something and its looked back at me and we both know i shouldnt be here and whatever it is has ‘scuttled’ off or folded in on itself and gone or similar vanishing acts… But the more and more I go there the more bold these things are becoming.

Its a fair few months now since i last experienced this as i started taking meds to try surpress it which it did but its also surpressed my normal everyday dreams and my lucid dreams … I am at a stage where i feel im going to go crazy if i dont sleep and get some dreaming in… if i dont dream i feel like i havent slept…i also feel majorly ripped off lol as i love dreaming and also like experiencing OBE, whether its normal, scary, surreal whatever situation, BUT I hate going to the ‘other place’

If anyone has any experience of this involuntary OBE/being taken/being in ‘wrong’ dimension or anyone can tell me how take control while there or tell me a simple trick to come out of it when i need to i will be truly grateful

thank you :smile:

ps i have never read books on this or studied it at all so please when replying dont blind me with ‘science’ and big words lol …

Hi and welcome to LD4all.

This is a very interesting problem, and it could have different explanations/solutions.

But first, a few questions of my own, if you don’t mind.
These are purely voluntary.

When you deliberately OBE, what do you do to induce it, and how much effort does it take?
How often do you deliberately OBE?
How often are you “taken” to an OBE?
In what circumstances are you “taken”? e.g. while in bed, or sitting in a meeting.
Was there a specific time that you were “taken” for the first time, or did it happen gradually?

Answers to these should give me a decent Idea of what is going on.

thanks for the welcome :smile:

im going to answer each bit as to the point as i can as i tend to ramble so if it looks abrupt its not meant to …im also in my 50’s so a lot of time to cover lol

my earliest memories of OBE are from being small child, i didn’t do anything, it just happened, i would just be dropping to sleep or actually sleeping and next thing i would be ‘awake’ in my room or in the garden. My grandma was the same and she was really the only person who listened to me, she warned me of dangers etc and encouraged me to have fun.

towards my early teens it more or less stopped happening, then when i was about 17 i hung out with guys who classed themselves ‘black witches’ they were all on a mission to OBE and were astounded that i used to do it as a kid without even knowing til it happened. These were the first people i met who i could actually talk to about it without sounding like an idiot… Because it had always happened without me doing anything i had never tried to make it happen… So i tried their ‘technique’ of relaxation/meditation then picturing yourself at the bottom of your bed and then picturing yourself standing at the foot of the bed looking at yourself lying in bed, swap positions ‘in your head’ quicker and quicker then ‘switch’ not sure if thats normal technique or not as like i said ive never really researched much about it. to start with i couldn’t do it, it took a while to realise i was concentrating too much on ‘relaxing/clearing my mind’ … when i stopped their ‘meditation’ suggestion i could easily switch to the foot of the bed but the second i was like ‘yeah i did it’ i was back in the bed lol, that realisation took quite a while to get over but in the end i did it, it was round about this time that i first got ‘taken’ to the place im on about but over the years it was few and far between that it happened until the last few years

from then to my late 30’s i deliberately OBE on and off… i have health problems and i find it pretty much wipes me out and i also love dreaming so much and after OBE i found it was sometimes days before i dreamed again… i prefer dreaming to OBE so it wasnt something i did regularly

about fifteen years ago i was OBE maybe few times a year and i started to notice there was ‘someone’ with me, i couldn’t see them, they were always to the right and behind me so that put me off for ages as i got really powerful feeling of unease. I gradually stopped doing it, i think the last time was maybe 5 years ago when the involuntary OBE kicked in really bad ( i guess its the same thing that happened to me as a kid but i never went to bad place like this) If i tried to OBE voluntarily then I could still feel the total oppression of the place i go involuntarily so i just stopped doing it on purpose.

how im taken is usually when im in bed, i have other instances of being ‘taken’ that are totally different to this, i know its not alien abduction, i know its not sleep paralysis, ive had sleep paralysis a lot over the years and ive counted both that and alien abduction out. It happens in two different ways… I usually get up out of bed, realise im OBE and in the ‘bad place’ …i know its not dream, i can tell difference easily and i immediately think ‘*** get out of here’ and start trying to pull myself out’ but i cant stop myself walking further into the gloom…the panic is terrifying whether theres ‘things’ around or not. The other way is a bit different, i will sense that im no longer in bed,then realise im on the room sofa (this happens hell of a lot to me, i think its just a little involuntary jump) and every so often when this happens i suddenly go to the ‘bad place’ instead of jumping back to my bed. very occasionally i will be involuntary OBE and be floating down the stairs and the atmosphere totally changes from top of stairs to halfway down and its the ‘bad place’ again. The first instance was like i said, in my teens, then very occasionally over the years and i didnt think much of it, then a few years ago it happened again, gradually, maybe 6 months apart then snowballed into half the nights i was sleeping then it would back off again for a while then slowly come back. Its almost like the being on the room sofa or on the stairs is a spring board to launch me back into the dreaded place… There is a slight difference between when im ‘taken’ directly and when im already OBE and get taken like on the sofa or stairs, in those cases i can get out of there a lot easier. Ive tended not to even try to OBE for ages now as the figure is always there either close or far on the horizon but i still sense it … im not sure the two are connected, strangely they dont seem to be

Sorry if thats so long after saying it wouldn’t be. I hope its understandable and feel free to ask anything else. I can describe the place if it might help, if i can actually describe it :sad:

also apologies for using ‘taken’ and ‘bad place’ … i just wasnt sure which words to describe it

Thanks for the answers.

From what I can tell this is probably a spiritual problem.
Hanging out with “black witches” can have some negative effects if you aren’t carefull.
And OBE is already dangerous as it is, you are traveling out of your body to real places with real beings. And unlike an LD, where you are operating only within your own head, while you OBE, you can be attacked. If you had been around wiches, or practiced any magic yourself, and you OBE without and , you are a very visible target.

From what I can gather, it sounds like you may have not used any protection mechanisms while you OBDed. Most people that naturally OBE tend not to use and protection, and that is perfectly fine. But once anyone starts playing around with real magic, protection is a must.

Sorry if this sounds a bit vague, I am very tired.

That sounds quite bad, and I am sorry for that :neutral:

Unfortunately there is not so much advice I can provide, but listen out…

I have experienced many Lucid Dreams, but OBEs only few times.
However, for me, even though the beginning of an OBE seems VERY different from a LD, setting the two experiences apart, in the long run they have tended to equal out

Actually, Michael Raduga in his book “The Phase” states that all the those experiences (OBE, Lucid Dream, Alien abduction, etc.) are actually the same thing, which he calls, in fact, “Phase experience”
Note: You can download this book for free, and I recommend you to do that, it’s good
Again, I’ve not much experience, but that little seems to confirm that

And so ? You could think. Well, if this is the case, you could probably use your large experience with LD’s to get out of or improve the OBE experience in the ‘bad place’, e.g. using some powers, or discussing with entities knowing they cannot hurt you (caution is advised here, based on DTDU post), etc.

What do you think ? I don’t know if that makes sense to you…

I am available to discuss more, here, via PM, etc.

Do not miss to let us know how it goes…

Hello elzia,

I read your post a couple of days ago, and I thought I had nothing to contribute, since I am not experienced with LD or OBE myself. But what you described sounded like an awful burden to you, and I didn’t see the answers you got as really helpful either.

I think the question here is, why do we get strucked by fear? I realise that you have had very scary experiences, and I don’t want to pretend to know what it is like for you, but I want to say that many of us have been struggeling with fear at some point in our lives, and I think even if we don’t aknowledge fears in our waking lives, they might turn up and scare us in our dreams. You must know yourself if this could have something to do with your situation, as I am only pondering the question of why fear strike us.

The deepest source of fear must be existential questions, I think. Even if there is nothing obvious wrong, fear might sneak up on us from behind. Just the fact of getting older is something all of us have to deal with. There’s no way getting around that our lives are temporary, and we can only do so much to influence what comes our way. I like to think escapism, that is, diverting from thinking abour the real issues, can help on the conscious level, but deep inside we have know that, we have a score to settle with our own existence and the dredgeful outcome that bestows us all in the end.

Wrestling with our own existential questions might be hard, and at time one might feel like there are no way out, but fear will subside. I can say this, because I had panick attacks in my early teens, and later after I passed 30, I had for a long period this grinding spells of fear, like the sky was falling down on me. At the same time, I had dreams that comforted me, talking reason into my fearful mind, and gave me hope that it was going to be ok. And now I cannot say why I felt so fearful back then. I’m not sure if you’ve heard such comfort from within yourself, but I am pretty sure we don’t exist to experince fear. Fear is there to tell us there is something that we need to deal with. You can find peace by finding trust in something ultimately good, that is, knowing what ever happens, in the end it’s going to be ok.

Hi again elzia,

After writing to you, I read this artice about sleep paralysis on a newssite: … -tilstand- 1.12754493 NB! It’s in norwegian, but maybe you can translate it with Google translate.

Even if you say you’re sure it’s not sleep paralysis, some things you write tell me that this could be the underlaying reason for your problems.

If nothing else, I hope you’ll watch this video from Carla MacKinnon on Youtube. It made me realise that I’ve experiences sleep paralysis at least once.

I’ll just throw in a suggestion with new agey crystal healing: gray haematite! Works for me, anyway. Hope this helps!