Need video clips

I’m messing around with Adobe Premiere Pro, and I need some clips to play with. Does anyone no of a site/s where I can find free clips? Nature, daily life, movies, anything. What would be really nice is a massive searchable database, but I don’t have to have that.

not sure if this is what you’re looking for but here goes anyway

most of the ranttv stuff is in divx, i havn’t looked through much

hope this helps

It’s a little helpful, I’m a bit confused about what these sites really are though.

rant tv is an online tv station, they have links to sites where you can download the shows they broadcast, usually they have a higher quality version on the download site. I think is just a huge storage area for videos and music, not sure though.

anyway, here’s some more you might find usefull:

there is a topis called “Le Parkour” where I made a movie. I’m assuming you could import that if you want. :grin:

I’ve just added some video clips to my site, taken from a parkour jam at birmingham.

ooo ooo i live in b’ham… i might check this site of yours lol