Need Volunteers!

Hey guys… im In the process right now of conducting an experiment online using hypnosis, I need volunteers. Basicly what it is, Is a past life regression induction and from there we will do a guided imagry, very similar to astral projection. The reason for this is to see how past life regression works on different people ie: spiritual paths, gender, age, and race.

Also The guided imagry is to see how close each persons experience under induction will be. I will tell each person to go to the same place under induction and i will use vivid imagry. A Copy of the results will be given out to all of the participants and your name and all personal information will be left out (i wont be asking you ne thing too personal, just basic stuff) If you need more info just send me a message or post on here and i will get back to you.

Salem Blair[/b]