Neo's Photoshop Experiments...

Added this flower experiment thing, just go to my gallery to see, don’t wanna make this page really slow for those not blessed with a fast connection :smile:
Heres a link to the flower, click it for full view, much more detial:

/me posted comments at DA :smile:

Thanks! Yeah was going to try adding a good background, but I stupidly drew the flowers on a black layer instead of just having a sperate black layer, and the smudge brush was one of those with the fuzzy edges so a simple magic wand will get alot of black in it… Might take the time to do it if/when I can’t think of something, same goes for fist.
Thanks again, I’ll comment on more of yours right after I post this and finish my homework… sigh.

Added another experiment. The first one I made was really big (3443x4000) and you couldn’t really see it as a whole, but it looked like it’d make for some cool wallpaper so I might set mine to that…

Its too big to be posting so heres a link it, don’t forget to full-view it:

Just made another one, its was made from a stretching and editing of the one I also just posted, Ignite.

I guess I’ll actually image this one :smile: :

Just made another firey one, but I can’t think of a good sounding firey name to submit to Deviant Art… I’ll edit it in here when I do…


Ablaze! Thanks Alay!

Excellent work Neo!! :wow: Véry nice flowing lines and coloring!

I’m amazed!!
this is realy excellent work! keep it up :wink:

Thanks guys :content:

I’m going to try for a photography versioin of Dying Hand, but I’ll have for winter for ice… It’ll be minus the fire of course, and I’m planning to call it “Fallen Cold and Dead” because thats a repeating line in Oh Captain, My Captian (Walt Whitman) and it’ll match the picture pretty well…

I’ve got a few other concepts in my head that I can’t do right now either from lack of materials or lack of talent…

I’m takin metal sculpture next semester though, so maybe I can whip up something groovey in there…

The fire face is quite good. Congrats Neo !

Heh, tried to make a flamey avatar but it ended up being 60k :razz: Its a bit big as just said so heres the link:

Wanted to try something with wings, but I can’t do the human figure at all so i just made a stone egg angel :razz: Check it out:

And click here for the bigger, more detailed version:

EDIT: Oh, and if a mod is to ever read this, I’m wondering if this should go in the Lucid Lounge since the artwork isn’t really based off my dreams?

Craziness… That’s fantastic!

Eh, was redoing the wings to make them flamey (Yeah experimenting in firey colors) and somehow I trailed off and got this:

Nothing too great, just thought it looked cool. Be on the lookought for the redone wings within a day or two. :smile:

Okay now, finsihed redoing and coloring wings. Made a human figure, kinda. Worked on this for a while, here’s the result:

wow very nice i am loving the wings very impressive
maybe the person could be changed to fit in a bit better imo
like having fire shading as well but in a darker red

WOW! that one really looks impressive!
care to share us some of the techniques you used?

Oooh I just got a wavcom pad for xmas… wee

which wacom? The Volito, Intuos or Graphire?

Graphire, not that I know the differance :smile: