Neo's Photoshop Experiments...

Okay, so I got photoshop, and after seeing what Dm7 and others did in it I decided to try to experiment with it. Now I don’t have a digital pad thingy because things that cost money suck, so for now everything that I draw will have to be moused :bored: .

Drew hands, first one I drew was a hand that had just relaxed from a fist, I wanted it to be a dying hand, in the middle of doing something passionate. But aftere I drew it it turned out to look more powerful like it was about to make a fist, so I turned the tips of the fingers greyish like turning into stone and the blackdrop to be and icy feel to more symbolize death. Doesn’t look as fisty as I’d like but w/e. Then I drew a fist so you’d have something to compare it to, but I dont think it looks as good as the “after-fist”. Plus the fist looks more like a “black power” thing, heh.

Anyways it looks pretty crappy what with the mouse and I just wanted to get a feel for the basic tools. I made a looking version of the red/orange/yellow for the dying hand, but it doesn’t match well with the rest of the picture.

EDIT: Hmm, Fist has a lot more shadingish stuff but I still like first.

Dying Fist:

Few more comments, a. you can’t really see the icy backdrop bc it matches a lot with the forum. Also I’m used to shading in pen so I tryed to keep that just scribbly feel to most of the shading. I know with photoshop you can do all cool shading stuff but I guess I’ll try that next.

Well, at Adobe’s site you can legally download a 30-day (wink) trial version.

Anyway, nice drawings. Make me want to try something with Photoshop too :happy:

Not bad at all… :smile:

I’m also thinking about painting/drawing some dream scenes. Though I doubt I’ll have the time to do it properly…


I didn’t know that (wink) :smile:

i like the dying one…it has a ‘waking life’ kinda feel to it.
in the way you’ve used the colours and the hard edge on the lines etc.

looks good.

That’s the first thought that came to mind when I saw it. I guess it’s the “sketchy” lines that make up the defining outline of the hand, and the way the colors are limited to a few tones, and clearly aren’t trying to indicate realistic shading.

Looking good, Neo. Keep them coming! :smile:

Thanks everyone!
I did another version of Dying Fist with quick photoshop shading. I think it’d be better without the lines so I’d have one more realistic version and one sketcy “Waking Life” one, but that’ll take a bit more time that I don’t have this week. Just signed up for a DeviantArt account, Eyern (Iron).
Heres link to all three of them there:

Looks like you’re getting the hang of it. The third one looks the best. Very nice

The third one is very good, it doesn’t even look like computer graphics, more like painting.

3rd one is very good! Love it! You’re improving! Keep it up! :happy: You’ll master Photoshop in no time!

You are drawing all of these with a mouse? :eh:
Optical? wireless?

wow, great job. :thumbs:
I like writing my name in MS Paint and compare it with my real handwriting. :grin:

Thats nice especially with a mouse! I feel like drawing up my dreams now

Optical mouse.

I’m at a rough point right now, I revised it so their’s no lines anymore, scribble lines at least, and I made the whole red/orange/yellow thing look a lot better, IMO anyway, but now I’ve just got the outline of a hand with shading, I need texture. I’ll experiment a little.

Good luck! :happy:

Added old sketch to sketches (See art extrava…gan…sa? in Lucid Lounge) Still working on hand, thinking about having 2 final versions, one with lines that arn’t as scratchy and make more sense and on with just detailed texture…

Yay! Done with final version of Dying Hand. Still looks awkward, but w/e.
Lookie! :

You’re getting better at it! Keep it up! :biggrin:

wow that is awesome neo. I think i like the first dying hand better though. I just loved the waking life feel to it. I don’t understand howww in the world you guys use photoshop so well! I have it but can’t do anything but resize pictures with it haha. i wish someone could teach me.

wow that looks great… you even got the shading down to make it look like the skin indentations…