nervous about first LD

hi, i’m new here, and i’m trying to get my first LD. since i really got into it today, i haven’t really got the chance to try it yet, although i don’t believe i will succeed today. but, i am a little afraid, because i have read that if you look in mirrors you might see yourself horribly disfigured etc. examples please? so i can expect the unexpected? :smile: also, if i get a nightmare, i have read that you should confront your fears, but if i do, and it turns out to be my biggest fear or someone super-scary like the exorcist or bloody mary etc. that i’m just gonna stand there and get terrified for life!! help? :smile:

[color=green]Yea…about the mirrors. Either completely aviod them or take whatever happens. I remember when I was your age I had summoned Bloody Mary to get that fear out of the way, and being disfigured could mess up your lucidity.( thats why I stick with the hand RC.They’re right with me all the time) About the other fears either fight, fly, or learn to wake up at will. Be confident in yourself as well. A lack of confidence or hessitation could turn things south in an instant. Oh to face your fears watch more scary movies I grew up on them, they eventually get played out. (Once the iconic monsters get played out create your own monsters then face them) You could also train special abilities to help build confidence within LD’s or just have fun.

This could also help: [spoiler]Well if you have any trouble you have my permission to summon me in an LD or somethin. [center]Focus (with no hesitation), put your pointer and index finger together then press them into the center of your palm. Hahaha goes hand in hand with the hand RC too. BTW Unless it somehow becomes a 100% shared dream more than likely the summon will be your prospective of me or how you see me. If all else fails be victomized afew times you’ll realize that no real harm is being done, building confidence and changing your prospective of nightmares.(If it works right)[/center][/spoiler] [/color]

In dreams things work very simply. How you expect them that’s how they gonna manifest. If you believe you will see yourself disfigured in a mirror then you probably will. If you don’t then you won’t. It’s that simple.

When you accept that, things in LD becomes much easier. Feeling nervous about first LD is healthy and expected. But also feel confident and excited! This will help to turn unknown and possibly terrible experience into something nice and enjoyable…

Good luck!

The answer above ^^ is a really good one. Remember, dreams come from YOUR MIND, and thus your mind can control them.

I tend to find lucid dreaming a very happy, enjoyable thing. I’ve never once been scared in a lucid dream. Even if I became lucid in the middle of the nightmare, realizing it was a dream literally made the nightmare disappear. For example, in once of my first lucid dreams I dreamed I was being chased by a crazy axe murderer. Then, as I was running for shelter inside my house I realized “Hey wait a second… this is a dream!” I turned around, all fear completely vanishing, and on impulse told the murderer, “Did you know this is a dream?” He stopped and looked at me, then grinned and said “I know! Cool, huh?” and walked away.

And don’t worry about “just standing there terrified for life”. If it turns out you can’t handle facing your fears (which I doubt will happen, because becoming lucid alone will give you a huge confidence surge) the intensity of your emotions will instantly wake you up anyways. Beware: the same thing will also happen if you get too excited.