Nested Dreams or Intertwined Awareness?

Hey all, this morning I had a LD with peculiar properties that I have only experienced a few times prior to this.

Essentially what happened is a belief (What if this is all an illusion?) projected onto the dream due to my lucidity prompted my inner awareness to “yank” me out of the dream, which then caused the dreamscape to collapse itself. This returned me to the Void, where I was overcome with sleep paralysis and visions similar to intense hypnagogic imagery experienced when performing a WILD. The odd part here is that I could feel my body while still inside the dream, and it felt like I had a WILD while still inside a dream.

The reason I say that the visions were “similar to” instead of “were” is because I do not know whether or not I dreamed feeling my body while inside another dream (ie a dream of me feeling my body was induced inside a LD by means of some sort of subconscious idea that manifested itself as that experience) or if it actually happened (my awareness of dreaming caused me to wake up, but since I was not fully awake I immediately went into sleep paralysis and another dream occurred. Due to the disoriented state of my mind and the light state of sleep at the time, my mental awareness and my physical awareness of my body were indistinguishable to the point of overlap).

Can anyone illuminate what happened here?


It’s difficult to say for sure exactly what it was.

I (inadvertently) experimented with something similar this morning. During a LD the dream scene collapsed, but instead of dumping me into the blank void or fully waking, I had a mini-awakening. I became aware of my body, the bed, and sleep paralysis. From this state it is easy to slip back into a dream, so that’s what I did - 3 times. Each time with WILD sensations of the room shaking and hypnagogic images.

Like you say, this could just be a disorientated state of mind where there is a mismatch of mental and physical awareness. Alternatively it could just be an expectation of being able to WILD/DEILD, and the still-dreaming-mind using that to transition into a new dream scene (without ever actually waking up).

The fourth time I intentionally ‘twitched’ to break sleep paralysis, and became fully awake. This makes me think it was a mini-awakening each time, or maybe the first stage of sleep where the body is extremely relaxed but also still partially-aware of the surroundings.

Either way, if it leads to lucidity, who really minds if it’s dreaming that you’re doing WILD or if you’re actually WILDing? :happy: