Neurodiversity and lucid dreaming

Wondering how many of you are neurodiverse. I have autism it is a gift! I’m not sure if it makes lucid dreaming easier or not. But erasing stigma is important I know this isn’t that related to lucid dreaming but wondering what the percentage of lucid dreamers aren’t neurotypical!

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I was diagnosed with aspergers a few years back. I love who I am though, nothing but positive vibes :slight_smile:
Sometimes difficult to communicate face to face but that’s one of the reasons dreams are so special to me, can talk with DC and do amazing things together!

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How did the diagnosis process work?

I’m not sure if it was stated as an official diagnosis, I would most likely have to see a specialist but I went to my primary doctor and my mother mentioned I might have a form of ASD so the doctor went through social observations and communicative behaviors, basically talking to me for a while and asking me questions and after the appointment ended she wrote down on file, that in her medical opinion I showed similar traits to others with aspergers and that I might indeed have it also.

Would your primary doctor ever consider referring you to a behavioral specialist for a more in-depth evaluation?

Yeah I just got done mentioning it to my mother and she said afterwards I was sent to a behavioral specialist and they went through an evaluation and diagnosed me with it. (Which falls under autism spectrum (ASD), there’s no separate diagnosis anymore I learned). I had no further doctors appointments regarding it after that last one though.

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i did go to a doctor who said i had autism, but he wouldn’t sign his name to officially diagnose me? i definitely show many traits of autism but i think i got skipped over growing up.