neurofeedback devices..... … ABTBIOSCAN

okay so, someone, please, please, someone that knows about these things, please help me out here.

I read an article that states that neurofeedback (coming from a man who tried disciplined studies of meditation for 20 years) can trian you within weeks, months, at the most, a year… to consciously shift in and out of meditative states.

He said you just listen to a tone and your only goal is to make the tone lower, so, basically, you’re hooked up to an EEG and you listen to the tone and try to lower it, the lower the tone, the lower the brainwaves…

it sounds beautifully simple… and this device is $295, not bad, certainly worth it if it works!

So then, my question, does this particular device do what I describe, you listen to a tone and YOU bring yourself down? I don’t want to send electiricty into my head to force it to go into alpha brainwaves (there are products that do that I think) i want to train myself.

Train up or down in 3 frequency ranges (7, 10 & 14 Hz).

The audio tone responds up to 40 micro-volts.

it sounds like it does to me.

The key to optimal functioning is FLEXIBILITY. The ABT Bioscan easily helps train the user to learn to “shift state”.

sounds fantastic…

anyone try any of these things?

I don’t have that device, but I have a biofeedback game that’s entitled “Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage” (they are having a sequel sometime in spring 2005…)

It’s a computer game where you are attached to three sensors (on your three fingers) and there are 40 different activities. The objective of most of them is to either calm your energy or raise it (making a fire, juggling balls, making rain, flying a carpet… etc…). It measures your heart rate and SCL.

They recently made an expansion to the game, where you can- after playing a game- view charts of your heart beats and view the changes it made while preforming that activity (it’s 40 dollars and I don’t have it… yet!)

It’s $160 and I really enjoy it so I would recommend it to anyone who is into self-healing, meditation, relaxation, etc.