capitalizxed odd just because its not a brainwave generator with sound, but uses electricity , if this helps clarify the idea i think it does :

i found something called alpha-life
if you google alphalife + neuro you will find it ,

i can’t directly link to it that i know of ,

what it does is you hook things up to your earlobes and it sends a circuit of 8-12 hz to the brain electrically causing alpha brainwave state shift,
and they offer you full refund for any reason within 30 days ,
it also comes with information on positive thinking and affirmation, visualization, to use the brainwave state to create a good life, so it looks very appealing, for about $79

i’ve asked them if they will give me one since i meditate all the time and i could write a testimonial for them, they just might :wink:

has anyone heard of devices other than this, like this ? it seems very hard to google the right words because i am bogged down by irrelevant medical ads,

but once in an airplane catalog when i was only very young, maybe 9 , i saw an ad for an electrical devices that also did the theta brainwave pattern, and what i most would like to find is something that will let you safely , swiftly, electrically entrain anything from 1hz to … who knows what !

or at least an alpha/theta hypnotic state.

That was quite the nice find, PoL! And good luck with the testimonial :wink:
And 8-9 hz frequency should be just perfect for LD’ing ^^

wow-that’s pretty cool
at 8-9hz, arent your brain waves slow and you have problems thinking clearly, or is it the oppsite?

IM soooo buying it

[sigh] mom thinks it’s junk… I wish I could get one…

Slow and synchronized brainwaves are sign of good concentration, up to trance states for lower frequencies. Alpha ones are often shown during the creative process and good focusing periods, or meditation (very good meditators can get theta, or even delta brainwaves, down to a couple Hz or lower)
Also, during sleep, you get high Theta/low Alpha while dreaming and Delta during deep sleep.

be persistent in explaining and asking in a reasonable way ?

8-9 hz might be a good state for wild for sure

hmmm… good point…

Awww, that’s lame.

The only device I’ve heard of like this is that used by the cult in Japan that released the sarin gas in the subway. They wore electrodes on their head that gave them shocks. They told the members it would transform their consciousness for the better, but the real reason was to control their minds. A device that sends electricity through your brain just gives me that association. The merit is, ofcourse, that for the purpose of changing their mindstate, you could say that it might have actually worked.

this is quite unrelated to the device ,

Tesla developed electric technologies miraculous and suppressed and censored in nature which healed people immediately of all dis-eases because we are a being with an electrical circuit of sorts for consciousness, heard said that we can regrow lost limbs by applying the right electric current

orgone works on a similar but less powerful principle, in that quartz and its conducive properties are amplified and caused to constantly emit higher energy fields, which powers that be also didn’t like and persecuted Reich for, but Recihs technology is here for us to use and we know how to develop it

i don’t know if we can find teslas plans unless some liberation happens globally for free energy, which he was working very well on.

these are good applications of energy :smile: ,
gotta remember most of the things in our world are toxic to an extent and lower our consciousness.

so is good to use or what?

well you can get me one and i will see :smile:

if it works and the brainwave state is smooth and nice, why not ?