Neurotransmitters-something to think about:)

I saw an interesting documentary on Discovery yesterday(Jeff you might be interested)

It was about overcoming drug addiction in its hardest stage.I mean hard drugs.
Anyways ,there is a breakthrough method being developed right now and giving amazing results.
Ok,according to one doctor(forgot his name)addiction in any shpe is equal to what he calls"hunger for neurotransmitters".Addicted person not really wants a drug but more of neurotransmitters.To prove his theory he gota drug addict for 5 days therapy-neurotransmitters are built of aminoacids so he was giving him lots of them.LOTS.
After 5-10 days of such easy therapy(u just use incection to get them to his brain) more neurotransmitters were built and patient left the hospital.After 4 mnths they showed him again and he was like a new man.
What is amazing here it all happen without any struggle…with no usuall habit breaking fears or feelings.Nothing.And now after 4 mnths the guy is amazed himslef.Hehe looks like a smart way they finally found.

Reason im writing it here is that aminoacids and therefore neurotransmitters play a role in lucid dreaming(i know its simply said but you who are familiar with it know what i mean).

ps.Jeff…dunno how usefull it could be on your quest…but as you know more than me about that i hope it can somehow ring the bell and maybe bring some ideas:)
For those who dont know,Jeff is looking at lds from chemical point of view and is trying to somehow help us to ld by solving its chemical side.Hope im not revealing too much.

Thats interesting Jack. :yes:

I was browsing through “unanswered posts” and found this one. I wonder if anyone has heard anything else about this experience?

I wonder if this is the thing I read about a few days ago on Yahoo! News. I read an article (probably written by the AP) that they might have a new breakthrough drug to fight obesity, smoking, and drug addiction (especially the withdraws).

The way they explained it worked is that when you eat fatty, good tasting foods, your brain activates a reward system that makes it feel you are doing something rewarding for your body. Same thing with smoking. Drugs was a little different, because drugs actually do alter your body more than food and cigarettes do. I don’t remember most of the drug explanation. They were saying that it actually will null the effects of marijuana.

I thought it was pretty interesting. Especially the drug withdraw and marijuana part. It might be drugs like this to fight hard drug addiction that might help us get marijuana legal! :content:


Went and found an article about it if it interests anyone: