Never forget your reality check :)

I wrote up this little handy program (in vb 6… I can give out the source code if anyone wants it) that beeps every hour reminding you to do a RC.

It doesn’t have too many features… You can pause and unpause the timer (if you’d need to for some reason), but other than that it’s pretty straightforward; it’s only about 4 kb.

Just throw it into your startup folder in your start menu, and it will start up every time you log in/get on your computer (you don’t have to start the timer, it just begins on its own).

I originally wrote this for personal use, but thought you guys could get something out of it. Enjoy :smile:

Fixed critical error. Anyone who downloaded it should get this newest version.

Hey that pretty nifty!

If anyone’s interested I could make one that not only beeps every hour but says, “this is a dream”.

The only problem is that I am never at my computer in dreams… are you?

SquakMix, it would be tyte if you could somehow build a device that you carried around on your wrist all day that would send a buzz to your rist every 5 minutes. This would kick in some SERIOUS LDs!!!

The shortest REM cycle is 5 minutes, so you’d have a 50/50 chance of becoming lucid then and the chance would raise every REM cycle throughout the night.

Think if you wore it to bed?

My dad’s an engineer, thank heavens! Maybe he can help me… :wink:

This would go great on top of my FILM method.

It would only cost a couple of dollars to make a device like that.

Why don’t we design one here? :smile:

Shortest REM period is about 6-7 minutes.

The REM cycle (ie. sleep cycle) is still about 90-100 minutes.

Additionally, most people will, I believe, quickly habituate to a reminder that occurs every 5 minutes. The ones who won’t, don’t need such reminders in the first place. Unless perhaps you just want to have short “practice” or “training sessions” – say of 1/2 - 1 hour, done perhaps 1 - 3 times per day?