Never get through WILD

Some months ago I learned about all this LD stuff, and since then I’ve had two natural LDs (but very short and noninteresting ones). However, I’ve been trying WILD for a while now, and I never seem to get it to work. I get what I believe is sleep paralysis (“numb” feeling and vibrations after a while), but I never get any significant HI, just blackness. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I’ve even tried earplugs and a sleeping mask to remove outside noises, just in case I concentrate too much on them, but it doesn’t work.

Its not sleep paralysis that you having but effect of OBE.

WILD method and OBE are nearly the same.The effect that you experienced are normal.

If you haved sleep paralysis , you would see by your physical eyes or around your body. Or you will see your chamber.

Vibration are common for OBE but in sleep paralysis is like more like paralysis , you trying to move but you can’t budge for a while. After you awake.

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I too use WILD to induce lucid dreaming. It works very well for me however I have never once felt the “vibes”. I use a mask to seal the darkness and concentrate on my breathing. (Sometimes I’ll count.) Soon I feel quite numb as the SP kicks in and then I wait for the HI to form a scene of some sort. (During this time my right leg figits and I wake up. . . .Back to square one!) I usually see about 12 scenes from different prespectives before I find one that I enter in a dream.

I’m not sure if that will be useful to you, good luck!

The vibrations I only get when I specifically “try” to, as in pretending I am in a dream or so. I can interrupt it at any point by just moving and waking up, but if I just try to let the vibrations get stronger I sometimes just get tired and wake up. If I just try to stay calm I do feel sorta numb (I believe it might be paralysis although I am not sure. It is hard to explain, I get a feeling I couldn’t move if I wanted to, but if I just “wake up” it all stops and I can move. At any point pretty much I can just open my eyes and see, too, but I try to stay calm and get to sleep, although I never get to it.

Does it take a LONG time to get to see HI? I’ve tried for 30 mins or more. Should I try for an hour or so?

it shouldnt take that long i think, maybe you should try WBTB, i sometimes ge HI or i get numb, but i never get SP, so i wonder whatit looks like, though it sometimes feels as if my joints get “glued” in the position they are in sometimes, but that’s just because of not moving them for a while,

Some people don’t get imagery. They have auditory hallucinations or “dream body” sensations. I think sirius)(black’s suggestion is good. It’s far easier to WILD with WBTB, especially when you begin.

How many time do I have to tell that this is not paralysis your feeling but your astral body trying to get out…

At this time if you just try to get out of your body it will surely sucess and you will have a OBE.

Not everybody believes in OBE, you know… :wink:

How many time do I have to tell it’s not your astral body trying to get out but hypnagogic hallucinations which can be reproduced in laboratory through electrical or magnetic stimulations of the brain cortex? :tongue:

Please don’t try and impose your own beliefs Sepultura123 and I won’t try and impose mine. :wink: I think it’s a good thing that everyone submits their ideas freely so that beginners can choose what they prefer. Some people here believe in astral, some don’t. That’s all.

Personally I couldn’t care less what they are, as long as they get me to a lucid dream. Which is not the case, at least currently.

I’ll keep trying though. I guess it’s just one of those things you can’t explain, you just “get” how to do it eventually, and then immediately you know what it is.

Any ideas how to get around my current situation?

I relax, after a while i have a sudden burst/drop in percieved air pressure, thus causing a small quick ‘blast’ and then the average natural tone of ‘silence’ audbily drops to a different key. after awhile my phosgenes start making patterns. i’ve never in my life seen HI in the past year of wilding almost every night (with no avail). recently i’ve started to see some wierd patterns starting to form, i think I saw a rabbit-like figure just before, but as soon as i get to that state, my body starts twitching, then i go into an immense fit where my eyes will REM-like wobble insanely, to the point where my eyelids spasm open, causing me to be awake.

It’s been the same cycle every day day in day out. relax, prepare to see images, then suddenly realise my eyes have twitched right open. (yes i’ve reality checked, it wasnt a dream)

Hm, I’ve gone through WILD successfully before but I have never seen HI. I DO hear voices though. When my eyes start moving during REM I am able to keep them shut comfortably, they never twitch open. Actually, I find that stage so relaxing that when I’m trying to go to sleep, I’ve formed a habit of twitching my eyes. ^.^

nearly the same thing happens to me when i try to wild, i get to the point where my body is numb, i start feeling something like drifting off and maybe going into a dream but some how i resist it, and i just lay there until my nose or ear os something gets itchy beyond barable. by then i usualy move to scratch it, and it just stays itchy untill i role over off my back. either that or a rare case that i just fall asleep.

i also keep forgeting to do RC when playing games, and even when i do, im not sure if im doing them right. ug, LDing is so hard, but i want one so bad! ARG!!!

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hey mcscm, i don’t know if you still look at this thread because it seems like it’s lost its original purpose, but i think i have an idea for you. i tried wild too for a little while by counting until forever and it never worked and i just lost a lot of sleep but, i just read something about a new way to try wild. when you’re lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep, you stare into the back of your eyelids and focus on all those weird waves and stuff that you see (like when you stare at light bulb and then close your eyes, you can still see the shape of the light). well, you just stare at all that stuff and after a while, it will start getting more and more complex and it will eventually form a scene supposedly. then you just have to slowly work your way into scene. the thing i read said to be like an outside ovserver while the scene forms and then let yourself be guided into the dream (i don’t understand that). because if you just try to jump into the scene, then it will go away. it’s an intriguing idea. i haven’t tried it yet though.

That’s what I try to do, but the “outside observer” part may do the trick. I haven’t tried that, I simply pretended I was in the scene, which could be the problem. Thanks, I’ll try it next time!

Do you have a driver’s license? Or do you currently learn driving? Perhaps you’ll see some parralels :wink:

i have to honest with you SuibaRher, i’ve been thinking about what you said concerning driving for the past half hour and i still don’t get it. but please share with us! i think i’m on the brink of finally understanding WILD

I’ve been trying to do this too, but I’m having a lot of trouble with the “outside observer” thing. Either I see the scene and get all “look, it’s the start of a dream!” and it all goes away, or I forget that I’m supposed to be watching the images and get lost in them (and don’t go lucid). It’s like it’s all so fragile or something. What to do?

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