Never had a LD - specific advice?

First, apologies if this is a repeat thread. I just found this forum tonight, and have been lurking/reading for the past 3-4 hours, but haven’t come across anything really related.

So, I’ve slowly become more and more interested in Lucid Dreaming, and have made a couple half-hearted attempts in the past, and I want to finally get to it, now. Right now, my biggest problem is dream recollection, I believe. I have a horrible time motivating myself to start writing my dream down, right after waking up. (So horrible, in fact, that I’ve yet to actually manage it).

Beyond this, I have a bit of a concern/question. Most people I’ve talked to/things I’ve read have indicated people accidentally lucid dreaming at least a couple times in their life. I’ve never (to my memory) had a lucid dream, in my, approximately, 19 years of existence. From what I’ve read, this isn’t something to be particularly concerned about, but, without the experience of what it is, I have a feeling that it may be more difficult to attain.

This may be nonsense; I just haven’t seen much related to my specific situation, so I was wondering if there IS anything to consider specifically, or to just do what I can, and hope things work out anyway. So, if anyone has any specific advice, I’d be appreciative. :smile:


Just keep working at it. The dream may not come in a few days (But some people are able to) but it will come in time. I havent had a lucid dream yet. Ive had a semi-lucid dream and that gave me a bit more motivation. I nearly gave up once but Ive learned otherwise.

So my advice is dont give up.

I never had a LD before I knew about this site too, but I’ve had 2 now (though they were not that good), and I reached that by reading a lot about LD’s, improving your DR (by keeping a DJ) and being motivated.

You should also not expect too much of it, your first LD will probably not be high and long so you won’t get the awesome things that you read about in this forum and elsewhere.

I have also just joined today, and spent the last couple hours pouring over topics.

I wanted to just share with you something that happened when I was very young. I used to have nightmares a lot, and when speaking with my dad he told me to just imagine when I’m dreaming that I have “the joystick” (I used to play a lot of computer games :wink: ) and that I can control the dream however I want to. I went to bed that night, and actually could control my dream, but I don’t remember it at ALL now, and I probably got too excited about it and woke up. But I thought the analogy was great.

Now I realize that I’m dreaming, while I’m dreaming but never did anything about it / or wanted to do anything about it until now after reading this. Maybe I’ll think about it that way again…

just spend a lot of time thinking about LD’s. Spend a lot of time on the forum. Try some thechniques. After a view weeks you should let it rest. Don’t think about it. Take a rest. Then try it again. Repeat this. The LD’s will come. But it takes some time. When you wake up in the mornig just write some words down. Post your dream later on this forum in your own Dreamjournal. This makes it less hurrible. :content: