Never had an LD unless it was after a nightmare...

I feel like i’ve done everything I can think of to help me to become lucid in my dreams and nothing seems to work. Once in a dream I screamed this is a dream but before I could do anything I woke right up. The only times I’ve been able to be lucid and know I was dreaming was in nightmares. Most of the time I knew it was a nightmare and try to wake up only to still be in the dream and I was lucid enough to walk up and down walls to test that I was still dreaming then would wake up in sleep paralysis.

I used to have nightmares at least two times a month and since I’ve started working with crystals to help keep the nightmares away and enhance my dreams I haven’t had a single nightmare except once in the last three or four years and I was at someone elses house with no stones when it happened.

I have tried at least twice a week if not more to attempt wake to lucid dreaming and almost done it a few times but I think I get too exited and lose it. I just don’t know if my method is wrong or what. I sleep with several stones under my pillow in a pouch and switch them out with different ones and record any dreams I have and then what stones I used but still nothing lucid just a bit easier to remember my dreams and a bit more vivid and frequent. Yet lately I feel like I’m on a dry spell for any dreams.

Any suggestions?

Also was seriously wondering what it means if I dream about the same person alot. I almost NEVER dream about people that I see every day it’s extremely rare for me. But I met someone at work and very soon after that I dreamt about him at least nine times in two months. I was with someone for two years and only dreamt about him once. Does it mean anything that he kept showing up in my dreams which were extremely vivid yet not lucid?

If anyone could help it’d be extremely appreciated.

WILD can be difficult for beginners. You should try to raise your awareness throughout the day by asking yourself often if you are dreaming and really believing that you don’t know unless you test the realness of your surroundings with a RC or search your memories of where you were before and where you should be right now.

And you need to learn how to react when becoming lucid. You have to control your emotions, stay calm and stabilize the dream by using your senses and focusing on something dull until it feels stable or many other stabilization techniques found on this forum.

Try DILD and MILD with WBTB. Have a strong intent to remember dreams and to wake up for a WBTB without an alarm.

And I’m not sure what DCs actually tell you. I haven’t seen any patterns else than seeing my family a lot more often than anyone else.

Thank you I’m going to try and be more active on the writing down my dreams and find my dream signs and train my brain to ask if I am dreaming regularly and do my best to stay calm in my dreams.

But I’m still really unsure as to why I would dream so frequently about him especially considering I just barely met him a month before the dreams started and it’s not like we talked or interacted alot either.